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    Veg, the occasional bad run just  helps you to really appreciate the good ones. Make you stronger mentally. Good reminder about staying hydrated! Smile



    Meg, that's what my friend kept telling me. He's an ultra runner. I wanted to smack him while we were on the trail, because he kept saying "I'm so proud of you, I can't believe you haven't once asked to quit". I wasn't going to quit, only because I knew there was NO way I was doing this again next weekend, LOL. Once I got rehydrated and started feeling better, I realized he was right.



    MilkTruck I love this " Each run is a victory over the alternative of not running."


    So true!!!


    MattJ and Bob I hope you guys are feeling ok after your weekend races!!

      MattJ and Bob I hope you guys are feeling ok after your weekend races!!


      I'm good! I actually ran (v. easy) on Sunday, the day after the race. Gave myself yesterday and today off but will try to kick Feb off with some miles tomorrow.


      Thanks to all for your support (((and hugs HF!!))) in this thread and the race reports one. Reading back to Friday's post I really did not mean it to come out as depressing as it reads. I don't have it harder than anyone else and really have a lot to be thankful for. Again, thanks gang!


      Sorry about your poor run veg. It does happen and like a bad race, it too is a learning experience as folks have already commented.


      Andy - time hasn't allowed me to comment on either of your crazy stunts this year so far but I luv both the loop-de-loop race report and the HM/month goal. Hope to contribute more to the discussion there soon.


      Time is roaring by; Jan's behind us now folks. At least Feb's got 29 days this year!

      2017 Goals
      1) Run more than 231 miles
      2) Be ready for  HM in the spring


        I'm really amping up my T-shirt collection this winter/spring Smile


        Starting tomorrow I have a race every other weekend until March 31st! Then off until my next 1/2 in April.

        1 marathon, 4 5K's and a 10K!!!


        Gotta be a PR in there somewhere...LOL! Getting them all in now, it gets so hot here after April that I can't imagine running a race. Hope everyone has a great weekend and good luck to anyone racing!