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Me and the boys

    5 miles tonight. Fighting the cold my baby has. I wont get it. Mind over body, right? I have to start switching to morning runs, instead of night time runs, other wise my "body-clock" will be all outta whack.
    -Misty "I would rather try and die, than live and wonder."
      Misty, I'm fighting my kids' colds too . . . I'm hoping to run with my dad one day, though I think he prefers to run in solitude. Maybe with my daughter one day. For now, I think my aroma when I come in from running is a definite turn off for her. She's four and a definite girly girl. I hope in time she'll come to love a sport of her choosing. Took three days off this weekend--wow! Hubby and I went to see the tennis greats playing in Key Biscayne on Saturday and then Sunday is always my day off. Ran 7 today easy to finish the month just over 100. Generated a new schedule through Runner's World's Smart Coach to improve my 5K time, just to play around. I was surprised that they do actually have me running up to 14-mile long runs on a 16-week schedule. I'll try it. I missed being on a training schedule, and I probably won't run another half until December, so improving my short-race times is really the focus now. I'll let you know how it goes. When's the Pig? K

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      Mile by Mile

      Prince of Fatness

        6 this evening gives me 187.5 for the month.



          K, I really enjoyed the way you wrote "a sport of her own choosing". You sound like a wonderful mother, not making choices for your daughter. Mr.P, that is a fantastic month. Have you ever hit 200 in a month??? wbertha

          Prince of Fatness

            Mr.P, that is a fantastic month. Have you ever hit 200 in a month???
            Yeah, two months in a row last year while training for a marathon. I really feel like I am in better shape now, though. The only difference is that now I'm not doing any 18-20 milers. Thanks.


              Very nice month of March for me 141.7 miles in 23 Hrs. 16 Mins. I think that is probably my highest mileage month when not marathon training. Smile VixiDu schedules are definitely the way to go even if you just follow it loosely. Flying Pig is May 4th in Cincinnati.

              Courage ! Do one brave thing today...then run like hell.

                Hi everyone Smile Looks like there's a few of us doing Lehigh in 4 weeks. Matt, you're going to kick butt!! The hills are spaced well enough that you have a chance to recover before the next one. MR.Phin is right about them being short. They put a bunch of new cinder down in certain areas of the parkway. Hpefully it will be settled in come April 27th. Now if only they could get rid of all the little rocks lol.

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