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    I thought I had one more week before a taper week to prepare for a half marathon - I must have been looking at some other calendar !! Anyway need some suggestions on how far my last long run should be 1 week before a half marathon.


    My training had me do an 11 miler last sunday (2 weeks from the race) - this is the furthest I have gone long during training. Can or Should I do another 11 miler a week before race or is that a mistake ?


    Bonus Question: Considering My weekly mileage has been no more than about 20 miles and I have only done very minimal speed work (a few short tempo & fartleks) how should I set up my last week of training on race week Monday - Sat. I was thinking:  Off, 4, 1, 2, off, off, race 13.1

    Prince of Fatness

      It really depends on how you recovered from that 11 miler, but I am thinking that if you've been conservative throughout your training, the last thing you want to do is get aggressive now.  Maybe do 9 - 10.


      As for the bonus question, I really don't like taking two days off before the race.  Run a little the day before.  Not a workout per se, just enough to loosen things up.


      Good luck.


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        I second the running a little day before the race. Keeps things loose. I did an easy 30 min run last week the day before my first half and I think it helped me, especially when running with a head cold. Did that before last 5k race and got a pb at the 5k.

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