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Intrepid Racers - July 28 & 29 (Read 279 times)

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    (sorry for being so late with this week's Intrepid Racers...)


    Variety is the plan for this weekends racers and trainers.


    Vegefrog is off for a cooling swim and 5K (in sand...really?!) swim/run combo, and aiming for top 3 if not 1st (go get it!).  Kevin will be clipping along at a pace that makes telephone poles seem like pickets on a fence as he seeks revenge over a 5K course that haunts his race times. I'll be hopping on a ferry to a 5 miler that circles an island and finished with lobster bake.

    ***********This week and weekend*******************


    Jul 28 vegefrog SplashNDash 5K + 750yd swim Folly Beach, SC
    Jul 28 Gville Kevin Fair Days 5K 5K New Milford, CT
    Jul 28 MilkTruck Peaks Island 5 5mi Peaks Island, ME



    Good luck, fleet feet and cooling winds to all our trainers and racers - have fun!

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      Cool races! Good luck everyone!


      Yeah...sand...really. I'm not sure how to feel about that yet...I guess maybe I should expect to add about 2 minutes to my 5K time? I'll let you know how it goes Smile I'm jealous of your lobster bake!

        Good luck MT and VF! Let's have some great races tomorrow!

        Come all you no-hopers, you jokers and rogues
        We're on the road to nowhere, let's find out where it goes

          Meh. 18:21, but now I know why I despise the course...it's definitely long. Oh well. Still pretty fun.


          (see look of disgust below)

          Come all you no-hopers, you jokers and rogues
          We're on the road to nowhere, let's find out where it goes

            Come all you no-hopers, you jokers and rogues
            We're on the road to nowhere, let's find out where it goes

              Great run, and good photo with the finish line clock!


              Looking forward to hearing about the splash and dash and the lobsters...

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                                                  10 miles (unofficial) 1:16:44.



                SplashNDash was fun. I got second overall female. We came out of the ocean together but she CRUSHED me in the transition area! I didn't realize how important it was to tie your shoes fast, LOL! Then she beat me on the run by about 20 seconds so I finished about a minute behind her. I was 3rd overall (M/F) so I'm pretty happy Smile


                The sand...well it sucked. It was low tide so the sand was pretty packed, but the sun was just beating down on us. My 5K time was 27:03! Haven't run that slow since I started running again last September. I didn't realize how much the swim would take out of me. It was a little more difficult then I thought it would be, but I'm happy with my overall time of 39:36. My goal was to finish under 40 min, so I got that.


                The worst part was the last 50 meters or so. Try sprinting to the finish in the soft sand after all that swimming in running! Not easy, LOL.


                I was a little unhappy that the first place overall male and female got a $200 gift card...and the rest of us all got free tickets to a soccer game. I mean, I know I'm not doing it solely for the prizes Wink BUT...I was second overall and I got the same as the person who finished the race in over an hour? Seems like they could have split that $200 up for the top 3 overall in each gender... The website simply said awards for top 3 overall and AG finishers and I guess $5 tickets to a soccer game count, but I'm not gonna lie, I was disappointed.


                I can't put tickets on my medal rack or trophy shelf!! Come on people!!!


                Kevin you do look a little pissed off Wink In my opinion an 18 anything is super fantastic, especially on a long course!! Great job.


                MT how were the lobsters??

                  Great job on your races this past weekend, Vege and Kevin.


                  I ran a 3-hour, approximately 14-mile trail run yesterday with gorgeous weather and scenery. I had to walk most of the 7th mile because it was too steep for me to run. I ran with a new running friend and her dog for our second trail run together. We seem well matched, have similar pace goals, and had a good time. I'm a little bit tight and sore overall today, but nothing major. Still I'm going to be cautious and skip the tempo run this week so as to be well rested for completing next Sunday's trail HM. I don't have a time goal for that anyway. If it's anything like the 10K, I'll be lucky if I can run up most of the hills. So speed isn't my first priority this week.

                  Go as long as you can, and then take another step.


                    Sounds like a really nice trail run HappyFeat! That's cool you have a new running buddy. I know that helps for sure. I've made an appt with a friend to run 10 on Saturday, since apparently I cannot seem to get out the door to do it on my own lately!

                    an amazing likeness

                      Wow...some good running this weekend.


                      Kevin runs 18:21 in a 5K and is ticked off !? Way to give the clock the evil eye. Dude, you've got some wheels. I'm giving you an honorary Eight ball, that is something impressive to see.


                      Vegefrog...finishing in soft sand...that must have been torture...fighting to push though it. Ouch.  Congratulations on the 2nd F and 3rd OA !



                      Happyfeat...a 3 trail run for training? That's rugged. Sure sounds like you're going to have a great result for your trail half coming up...you've really laid a great foundation.


                      My 5 miler on Peaks Island was pretty routine...it's a hilly course and combined with the midsummer heat, you're never going to run your best times at this race. This is only my second try at this race, and I had forgotten how hilly the course is -- there was one climb at mile 3 that may have been faster to power walk. Posted a 38:14 and was pretty spent at the end.


                      Here's some photos....


                      On the way out to the island, the US Coast Guard training ship (Eagle) was in town and docked.




                      Peaks Island is the most populated of the islands in Casco Bay. Ferry service is a quick 20 minutes from downtown Portland. On race morning they have a special runner ferry to help get the 400 - 500 runners out to the island:

                      (this is just a stock photo from somewhere on the web, looks like late fall...)



                      Race course is lap around the island with an out-and-back. Just in case you want to feel inadequate, they post the course records:



                      Gun timed and with no start timing mat, the start line up is pretty casual at first. Everyone eventually shoves into the road:



                      Coming to the finish line, drenched in sweat and giving the finish clock my version of the "Kevin stare". But the beer garden is right there in background, and man did that Shipyard Summer Ale taste great.



                      Actually...I'm not a big fan of lobster. So I skipped the lobster bake for pizza...

                      I've done my best to live the right way. I get up every morning and go to work each day. (for now)


                        Happyfeat...a 3 trail run for training? That's rugged.


                         I know it sounds massive - all I can say is it takes as long as it takes. It was probably about 14.5 miles - hard to be sure with the Garmin and elevation.  I had to walk alot of the 7th mile and a couple spots of the 6th, but otherwise I was runnin'.  The first and last five felt like good EZ running. I don't know if we are particularly slow for trail runners or how we compare at all. I feel like I'm running a pretty strenuous pace, but am able to carry on a conversation.  

                        Go as long as you can, and then take another step.

                          Hey thanks, Andy. And nice report.


                          In other news...my kids (6 and 4) are hitting the track tonight for some races (100m/400m and 50m/200m). Should be very amusing. Hopefully they haven't picked up any bad habits from me like the "Kevin stare"!!

                          Come all you no-hopers, you jokers and rogues
                          We're on the road to nowhere, let's find out where it goes