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    Deepest cold spell of the winter has set in for the north and eastern parts of the US this week, sending temps well below 0F, making it easy to win one of those run-more-miles-than-degrees contests for the day.  For me, 0F is my cut-off for heading to the treadmill.


    Three races on our calendar this week finish the entries for January, and looks like weather for our racers will be 40F-50F at all the events, absolutely perfect running temps.


    Vegefrog's 5K promises entertainment dotting the course which leads me to ponder if a 5K needs entertainment...they're usually pretty focused race of start hard, run hard and finish with legs toasted.


    Bozydeco is running a half in Auburn, AL. I did see in another forum where bozydeco reported this is first time running through winter, I'll bet having a half marathon January has been good motivation to get out and do those winter training runs.


    CeeDotA's half bills itself as the only half marathon in Oregon. Really?  [update: only half in January, missed that detail. That I can believe] Wow, that's surprising. Looks to be about the perfect size (to me), capped at 1,000 runners; last year had a fast field and ~600 finishers.


    Jan 19 vegefrog Shrimp & Grits 5K 5K Charleston, SC 21:59
    Jan 19 bozydeco Auburn Classic Half 13.1 mi Auburn, IL 1:59:59
    Jan 20  CeeDotA  Cascade Half 13.1 mi  Turner, OR  2:02 


    Wishing all our racers Good luck, fleet feet and easy race days. Go get 'em.

    I've done my best to live the right way. I get up every morning and go to work each day. (for now)


      HA. The entertainment was because the 5K course was also part of the Marathon and Half marathon course. I didn't even notice the bands though, I was too COLD!!! BRRRRRRRRRRRRR! I love cooler temps for racing, but it was 31 and a little chilly for me.


      Still got my second best time, barely a 21, haha, but I'll take it Wink



      And I won 1st in my AG. Not bad for being 9 weeks preggers!!!

      an amazing likeness

        Another age group win...wohoo. Vegefrog -- you rock. (for two now)

        I've done my best to live the right way. I get up every morning and go to work each day. (for now)