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Prince of Fatness

    I wrote up a race report. I'm a little sore today but not too bad. I seemed to have weathered the race well. Thanks Sarge. I forgot to point out that I actually did plant potatoes in my garden earlier this month. Simon .... nice race. To all that have races coming up this weekend, good luck. My plans for the rest of the year will be to get some shorter races in. This includes a 15K and a 10 miler. Next half will be Lehigh Valley next year more than likely.


    One day at a time

      Thanks, Sarge and Simon! Your encouragement is much appreciated. My sticking with the running is definitely due to RA and my Garmin!
        Nice job, MrPH!
          Into Week # 4 of HH Novice. Sunday's 5 mile " Long Run" was freakin AWESOME. Weather was 67 and sunny/partly cloudy albeit a bit humid. Ran in a business park that has a LONG Hill in it, and I have always tanked on that hill before, but since I have become enlightened to proper training paces, I RAN THE HILL TWICE, without stopping, without huffing and puffing. Cue the Girly Tears, It was a breakthrough moment for me. The fear and anxiety that I have always had on run days is now lessening quite a bit. I had a planned stretch/strength day yesterday, and did some light cardio with a pilates class. Core is a bit sore today, so the class was indeed effective. Planned 3.5 miler this evening per plan. Good Running to all~ Cheffy Smile

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          One day at a time

            Hooray, Cheffy! What wonderful news! It seems like you've had a breakthrough in your running the last couple of weeks! I'm taking a stretch/strength class like that - it does help a lot! Keep up the great work! Teresa
              Cheffy--way to go! You're doing GREAT!

              Prince of Fatness

                waytogomom .... Thanks! Great news that your running has become much more enjoyable, Cheffy. That's really what it is all about.


                  What amazing runners we have in this group! I can only dream of keeping your kind of pace even in a measly 5k! That's all right. That's why I run with you in cyberspace--maybe your speed will rub off on me; I know how much your good advice helped during my half training, so I'm definitely sticking around to soak up more. Cheffy, way to chug up those hills! Doesn't it feel goooooood when your training starts to pay off? Good for you for showing it to that hill not once but twice!

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                  Mile by Mile

                    Great time, Mr.PH, 100 minutes is a nice round number! Good for you, Cheffy, don't go crazy on hills now, it's all about gradual increments of progress. I think you have made a breakthrough in confidence, realising you CAN do something is a big step forward. I find its best to shorten stride and try to keep the same rhythm going, not look at the top of the hill because it seems so far away, but keep my head up and look about 10 yards ahead. Really hard workouts on steep hills have caused stiffness in the tendons under the arch of my foot (plantar fascia) and sore Achilles tendons, so moderation is important. Vixi you are one of the fast ones, we all benefit from the support and advice of everyone in the group! Resting up for Sunday's 10k, aiming for 48 minutes! Simon.

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                    One day at a time

                      Now I need to listen to my own advice! I think I'm running too fast on training runs. I did 5.1 miles this morning at 10:44 pace. It's just that it feels SO slow to me now! But my legs are feeling heavy, so I have to ease up. This will be my third week at 30 miles, and then next week I will take it easy before my Mother's Day 5k.
                        Hi all, newby to this forum. Currently training for my first HM. Was originally planning on going out to NAPA in July, but have decided the cost is just going to be too much, so I need to pick out a new race. I'm looking at one in early June. In the last two weeks, I've increased my long runs and have run my longest runs ever, a 7.5 one week and then an 8.4-.5 last weekend. Both were very easy for me to run. By increasing a mile a week, I should be able to reach 13 miles by June. My only problem is, how to fit in enough runs during the week to get hills in and some speed work, yet not burn out. I'm finding only running 5 nights a week hard to get in the type of mileage I'd like to have. I did run 32+ miles a couple of weeks ago, concluding with my 7.5 mile long run and actually felt great. PS Looks like a great group on this forum.


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                          iph53, Its your first half and only say 6 weeks away. Keep it simple and concentrate on your long runs, leave hills and speedwork for another time endurance is what you need.

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