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    Hi Ashley, Gail and Michelle, nice to meet you all!


    I do agree that running in the dark is not ideal, but i use a reflective band on each arm for safety and a small, cheap headlight, and run on the road not the sidewalk as it is better lit. This makes things reasonable.


    Ashley, thats quite a decent mountain, 12,000 feet must take a while...how many days do you plan to take?


    I have run very little since my last race in October, but am now starting to get back into the routine. I think the longer you prepare the faster you will run. I feel that what I am doing now will be the basis for my October half. Each run is a tiny part of my preparation.



    Hi Simon -


    Its me climbing Adams (Michelle).  Smile  It's actually not difficult in terms of technicality - it's just a steep sucker.  The trail itself (for as long as there is a trail) is only about 8 miles to the summit.  You start around 5,000 feet and climb to the camp at 9,000 feet.  Lots of people do the climb as a day hike but because I'm not sure how I will feel at altitude, my plan is to start early in the morning on day 1 and get to camp before lunch.  Then I'll spend the rest of the day there, playing in the snow & (with luck) enjoying the spectacular views.  Day 2 I'll summit.  Not sure what I'll do after that -- probably hike out, although I'm toying with the idea of spending the night back at camp just to prolong the experience.  It's not every day you get to stand on the top (or camp near the top) of Washington's 2nd highest peak!


    Nice job getting back into running!!  Good luck with your training!


    I LOVE running in the dark.  I much prefer it.  It feels quieter.  There are less people, less cars, less noise (although I run w/an ipod so that really shouldn't matter but it does).  I wear my ultra bright neon yellow running jacket & my pants & shoes have reflective stuff on them.  I also have a headlamp (petzl tikka) but I wear it around my wrist & only use it when necessary - lots of street lights where I run. 


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      I generally run in the early morning dark all year.To be seen I use inexpensive flashers that I clip to the back of my shorts or shirt.I recently found a small flasher at Lowe'sfor $10  called Body "something" - senioritis and I am not at home where I could go find the name. Its about the same prices as the bike flasher I bought at a sports store and the size of a quarter. You can use the stick pin clip or magnets to put it on the back of a shirt, cap ore almost anything. The bike flasher (w/o the brackets) is larger and heavier. I also wear reflective and light clothing so I can be noticed. I also use an LED cap light and a hand held book light on a lanyard so I can't drop it (Big Lots - real cheap).

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        Hi Michelle and Gail and welcome to our group. 


        Lot's of advice availalbe here and no one would ever on purpose give you bad advice. 


        Also some really great people here to share successes and failures.


        Michelle, Sounds like quite a climb you have planed.  Sounds fantastic as long as one isn't afraid of severe heights like me.


        Gail, our paths cross again.  Glad you joined here.  Do you have a particular HM picked out?




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          Hi all-new to the group as well...have 4 or 5 1/2's planned for '10 (same as last year).  The first 3 are just for fun, but the one in October will be my "goal" race.  The first of them will be the last week of March.  I would like to do better on that race than I did last year (2:15 last year-but the last 3 miles were brutal.  I don't care if my time is any better, just no death march like last year).  It was very hilly and I have zero hills in my area, so it is hard to train for them.


          I love running in the dark too...but don't much since runners in my area get held up at gunpoint every now and again (thankfully, they are fast and just run away!).