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Mattruns HM report - Duke city Half Marathon, Alburqerque, New Mexico (Read 312 times)

    It was a perfect day for a run; cool temps, slight breeze and not a cloud in the sky. It was a littly nippy at the start, around 40 degrees F, but with all the other runners around, and the downtown location of the starting line, I was comfortable in my fleece top and shorts. The first two miles didn't go all that well. My shin muscles were very tight and my right calf was giving me problems, and I was a little nervous. I kept telling myself these little pains would go away once I got going, and sure enough they did around mile 3 and I was on my way. My strategy was to hit mile 6 around 58:00, and I got there in about 57:41. That boosted my confidence, and I was able to hold that pace pretty much through the rest ofthe race, finishing in 2:05:51, a PR by almost 8 minutes! Woo-Hoo! Overall, a MOST satisfying day. I just don't know when I'll be able to walk again. Big grin
      CONGRATULATIONS!!! I predict you'll be walking...and running! soon! lisa k
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        Thanks! You're probably right.

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          Sounds like a nice race! Awesome PR, too! Are you walking better today...? Big grin k

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            Congratulations! An 8 minute improvement of your PR is awesome! mattruns indeed! Smile bas

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              What a great run! I'm so happy for you! Smile

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                Thanks to all for such a positive response! Zoom-zoom, I am walking much better today. I'm still pretty sore in my calves and quads, but that should pass before the week is out.

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                  Sweet Matt. It is great to hear all of these good reports and inspiring to see everyone enjoying thier runs & races so much.
                    Sounds like a great run. Congrats on the PR!!
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