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    • Week of 8/29: 14mi Easy (5mi, 5mi, 4mi) then 9 mi Long
    • Week of 9/5: 15 mi Easy (5mi, 5mi, 5mi) then 10mi Long
    • Week of 9/12: 15 mi Easy (5mi, 5mi, 5mi) then 10mi Long (if you feel really good here do 11)
    • Week of 9/19: 15 mi Easy (5mi, 5mi, 5mi) then 8mi Long
    • Week of 9/26: 11 mi Easy (5mi, 3mi, 3mi) then .... we race! :

     Thanks Matt. This kind of looks like what I planned, but with a taper, which was my next question, now answered. I will give it my best. I'm wondering what it'll be like running long with Irene Sunday? I'm not on the coast but it could get interesting.

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      Keep in mind that the point of the long run is time on your feet and do what you can while staying safe!

      "Don't feel like running today...suck it up and run ...you're an athlete." (John Stanton, founder & owner of The Running Room)


      Three half marathons later, I got a number. Half Fanatic #9292. :)

        A belated thanks for the input, Andy. I've modified my plan and we'll see where it takes me. And please - I'm an "older and slower jogger" than you, so let's not go there! I must admit I've never "trained" for a race other than, in the past, simply working up to the HM distance.Last year, I did this same race and was the cause of my own ruin by running a 10 miler the weekend prior to it at a too-fast pace, pulling a glute muscle - pure stupidity. I did OK (2:16), but had to run the last 3 miles slower due to glute muscle pain. I want to be smarter this time and have geared all my running for the last few months towards this goal. I had a great run today: 14 miles 10:40 avg pace; but I don't see how I can pull off a 2:10 HM time. I think I should stop focusing on that so much. In any case, I plan on doing that race test you suggested on 9/14 - really like that idea.

        Go as long as you can, and then take another step.

          As to running in TX; This summer has been the hottest on record (you picked a great time to come on down red!



          I misled you. I didn't actually run outdoors in Texas (Austin), I'm not that crazy. I simply realized how tough it might be, had I tried it. I ended up on the hotel treadmill, which is where I'll be again this week. It isn't a good sign when the weather says "record high temperatures expected."

            Time to stop messing around. Yesterday's run was okay. Today's was fairly painful.


            I think it's tendonitis (pain moves around top of foot, hurts not when I land but when I push off or lift up, stretching calf eases pain for a while), but my podiatrist/orhtopedist certificate hasn't come in the mail yet, so time to trust a pro. Made appointment with DPM for tomorrow morning. Looked him up, and he's a 20 min 5k guy, and run a bunch of triathalons to boot, so hopefully his first instinct won't be to shut me down.


            We'll see...

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              Medical update.


              Saw DPM today. X-ray doesn't show stress fracture, but...probably too early for one to show up on x-ray. Given the presentation and all the things leading up to it, his best guess is morton's neuroma (nerve impingement). But, advice is 1 week no running, come back, re-x-ray to rule out fracture, see where pain is, maybe a cortisone shot, and we'll work on addressing root cause (biomechanics, etc.). Based on shoe wear pattern, I excessively under pronate, and some recent PF/arch pain may have exaggerated that more, which may have tipped the neuroma.


              I liked the doc, he's a runner, so was easy to relate to and he fully (I think) understood the situation.


              Anyway, bottom line is, this sucks. I'll do elliptical/bike if there's no pain in the meantime. But frustrated because feel like I was well on the way to crushing this 90 min thing.


              We'll see what happens on the other side of a week.

              Come all you no-hopers, you jokers and rogues
              We're on the road to nowhere, let's find out where it goes

                That sucks Kevin - I like your new avatar though! Smile

                Fingers crossed for a speedy recovery in early September


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                  h2bubbles - Hoping you're sidelined for a very short time only. Great optimism to use the time for cross training. Don't forget some weights and core strengthening so you come back stronger than ever. Injuries suck.