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What % of weekly mileage - Long Run? (Read 230 times)

Beware, batbear...

    Of your total weekly mileage, how much should be the long run, ideally?

    2014 Goal -- Run 5X per week, pain-free (relatively) by end of summer.

      Not sure the ideal ratio, but I've kept mine at a little bit under 30% of my weekly mileage (as recommended by the training plan I'm following).  I try to keep up around the same pace I do on my steady runs.

      I ran. I ran until my muscles burned and my veins pumped battery acid. Then I ran some more.



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        I've read 20 to 30%, but I don't adhere to that or I'd never do any really long runs.

        Go as long as you can, and then take another step.


          I've been doing between 30-50%, yikes. To be truthful, I sort of skimped on some of the middle of the week mileage that my training plan said I should be doing. So...I think that 30% would be about perfect.