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When is your HM? (Read 651 times)

    Kathy - Great job on the HM! I saw your report on CR... very impressive! Just found this group, so thought i'd chime in. My first HM is 9th March in the UK. It's at Silverstone motor racing track in Northamptonshire for anyone who knows the UK at all! I'm very nervous about it but also very excited. If all goes well i'll be planning another for later in the year, but one at a time I think Wink Cara

    29/04/2012 Milton Keynes Marathon: 3:42:06

    21/02/2010 Sussex Beacon Half Marathon: 1:51:30


      Chamblin, Good event done it for the last 4/5 years but not this year as I'm in the Hague Half the weekend afterwards. Despite being on an old airfield its isn't flat and if its windy its seriously hard work. Last year we had wind, hail ( which was like being fired at by a shotgun ) and near the pits where it was sheltered the sun came out and it was really hot. I've never experienced such a variety of weather in a single race.

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