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    Hi all, I would like to join your group. I started running a couple years ago and have ran 4 half marathons, the last one being in August of this year. My time for that one was 1:59:17. Sep and Oct were slow months for me. With all the travel and courses I've been doing I didn't have a lot of time left for running and I didn't think I'd be running any more races until May. Now I am planning on running the Dead Sea half marathon in Feb (21st) and have 10 weeks left to train. I would like to do it in sub 1:50 and was wondering if that was possible or if I'm setting too high of a standard for myself. I heard that the first half of the race is all uphill. A friend of mine who ran it before said if you compared the hill to hills on a treadmill then it would be about a 3 - 4 incline. That alone will make the race a lot more challenging. The second half would be back down because it's an out and back course. I know I have a lot of miles to go if I'm going to reach this goal. Any suggestions on how to meet my goal would also be welcome. Thank-you Lu

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      Tough call. Everyone's different. 10 weeks isn't that much time, and you're talking about a 10 minute PR. If it were me I would try to get as much mileage in as possible, and sprinkle in a few tempo runs. Don't worry about doing any running below goal pace. Based on your log I think it's possible for you to string together a few 30 mile weeks as long as it's mostly easy running. Good luck.



        In such a short time you have to be careful not to overtrain and cause more harm than good. I think that endurance is what counts so I wouldn't bother with short runs and I'd do at least one long run a week.

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          Welcome to the group! What an interesting location for a race, though I would guess it may be hot. No specific advice to offer, others are better qualified to do that, but good luck. Simon.

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            Now I am planning on running the Dead Sea half marathon
            I'd love to do the HM one day. Already looking forward to your RR from the race Smile Good luck and happy training!!!

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              Hi, Lu. Mr. PH's response that everyone's different is dead on. I can give you my background: I ran my first half in 2:02. I set my sights on running my second sub-2. I trained with that specific goal starting in July (before that the focus was my 5k time) putting in some 30+ and 40-mile weeks. I did speedwork once a week, taking turns between race-pace tempo runs and intervals (mostly mile repeats). I lengthened the length of my long runs compared to my first half--did two fifteen milers and two sixteens. Of course this helps explains the heavy mileage; I had to support those longer runs. It also helps explain the long training cycle since I wanted to make sure I went slowly. Did I mention how much I wanted that sub-2? In November, I ran my second in 1:50:36. Can you get your sub-1:50 in 10 weeks? It'll be fun to find out! If you do build up your long runs make sure to support them well. I do suggest you build up a longish tempo run into every week. Run a warm-up mile, then settle into your race pace and stay into it for up to six miles. Let your body find its cruise control at that pace. It's a great confidence builder, at least it was for me. I agree with Jules, too--you don't have any time to shirk on the long runs. Can't wait to read the rr!

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                I would like to add that I agree with Vixi on the value of long tempo runs, up to 10 miles,at a slower pace than shorter tempo runs of course, to teach you to maintain pace, and on doing long runs of more than race distance, every second or third week. I really think this makes it easier to run hard in the last 5k of the race. Simon.

                PBs since age 60:  5k- 24:36, 10k - 47:17. Half Marathon- 1:42:41.

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