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    Hi, everyone. I've been training for a half marathon to be held on 3/28, and up until 4-5 weeks ago, everything was going great. Then I strained some core muscles while strength training. Just after the injury, I ran a 10-miler (not my smartest move) and had been getting 20+ miles in a week. Since that long run, I've had to drastically cut back on the running (resting is harder than running!). Just this week I feel good enough to put in 20+ miles again. Last night I ran just over 5 miles and I have a 10K race on Sat. This is my first half, so I'm not setting a goal time--I just want to finish. Am I nuts for trying? My strategy is to take it easy and take short walking breaks every couple of miles, if needed. I could use some advice from seasoned runners (even if you have to tell me it shouldn't be done). Hope to hear some encouraging words---my confidence needs a bolster.


      As long as you don't make the injury worse do it for the experience. Have you run one before? if not what ever the time it will be a PB and you have a target for the next one.

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        If you are just looking to finish and are taking walk breaks I don't see why you can't do it.. Just don't try too cram too many miles in leading up to the race. Listen to your body and you'll be OK. Good luck.


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          I ran/walked my first HM after I hurt my achilles a couple of months before the race. It was a blast! My friend and I ran MUCH faster during the running portions than we normally would have, and our pace was actually faster than it would have been if we'd run the entire way. I didn't hurt at all at the end. You can do it!

            Thank you!! The registration just went in the mail! It is my first half ; when I ran my first 5K in April 08, I never dreamed I'd be running a Half almost 1 year to the date. Have my sites set on the Flying Pig Marathon in '10. It looks like it's a blast. I have a 10K this Saturday (my first 10K race) and then I'll continue with easy mileage, every other day. Rest days I'm cross-training on a stationary cycle. Every day I feel a little improvement in the muscle. Thanks. Can't wait to post after the race .Big grin

              Good luck on your run, and don't forget to let us know how you did. Lu