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    Hey Everyone,


    I just wanted to introduce myself.  I have been an on again off again runner since high school and have decided that it 's time to give it another shot.  Since I tend to be an extremely goal focused person, when I started running again in June, I signed up for a 10k in Octoberr, the MCM10k in DC .  So, why am I in the half marathoners board you may ask, well, optomistic (or stupid) me thought to myself, why stop with a 10K in October, if I keep training, I should be ready for a half by the new year, well  the new year is a slow race time in DC, so I signed up for the National half marathon in March.  Now, I'm not only training for October, but looking ahead to March.  Lets hope for a slow snow season this winter.


    So, I look forward to listening and learning from you all, thanks for this website and forum,



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      Welcome Dean


      "if you can run 10km you can run a half".  I heard that just this week at my kids running club. Definitely! Go for it!

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        Yeah the difference between a 10K and a half is a few long runs in the 8-10 mile range.  March is just the right time frame to race and you have 6 months to do it. 

          Hey Dean, welcome to the group!

          As you have some running background already you should manage this very well- it looks as though you have started building up your mileage nicely.

          I am doing something similar, getting ready to run my first marathon in May, and a little nervous about the scope of the training I will need to do to run the kind of time I want.

          Keep us posted on your training, and we can share tips.

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            Dean, Welcome to the group. Training for the Half will also improve your 10K, so you get a bonus benfit. larry


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              Welcome Dean.


              I am hoping to run the full at National as my first marathon (assuming my hamstring continues to heal and I can get back to running this month).


              More importantly, you are definitely in the right place in this User Group.

              I've run two 1/2's in the last 12 months and this group was a huge help to me in terms of advice and encouragement.

                Welcome, Dean!  An October 10K and a December HM is totally doable.......just gradually build your miles to be able to just finish strongly in December, then continue with that same base set of miles to really RACE that HM in March.  Good luck on your training.




                ✔ Think of setting 2013 goals.

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                Run more miles than last year.