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48 hours to HM...what to eat??? (Read 280 times)

    Hey all, Running in my first HM on Sunday...roughly 48 hours from now. I've been using the Hal Higdon schedule and feel pretty good, but missed one of the long runs due to a sinus infection. My goal is to to finish and run the whole course. I don't care about finish time, but have been training at a fairly slow pace of 9:30 for my long runs so I'll keep with that pace for this race. I'm sure this has been covered before, but I'm looking for suggestions on what to eat today and tomorrow leading up to the race, more importantly the night before. Sunday the race is at 8:30am. The majority of my training runs are at 6am before work and I'm out the door in the moring without breakfast and only about 8oz of water pre-run. This has been working for me and I don't want to eat a huge breakfast on race day but know I need carbs to get me through. I also plan on having a couple of GU packs during the race that I have experimented with on long runs. So, I'm looking for feedback over the next 48 hours and a suggestion on the morning of. Thanks! b

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      babeba67 ... This question came up in the September thread. Instead of retyping I'll just link you to my response there. Good luck with your race. http://www.runningahead.com/groups/hmt/Forum/Post/2d086a55e6134d2aaed7e814253b9901#focus


        Great...thanks for the link! b

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          Hey all, Running in my first HM on Sunday
          Good luck!!! We'll expect a race report afterwards.

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            I hope you have a great race! Just have fun and enjoy yourself. Smile