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Cheffy's First Half Marathon- And I lived to tell about it! (Read 263 times)

    Posted in the Masters Forum Also: Keep in mind, I just Celebrated my First Running Anniversary on 9-7-08. Well Everyone, I ain't DEAD! Surprised Davidson Run for the Green Half Marathon, Davidson, NC. Day started with a wake up at 5:00am and Two waffles, and half a sports drink. Totally had to calm Hub's nerves, he was so geared up, second guessing everything from his training to his choice in footwear.. Roll eyes Arrived at the race at 7:15 or so, to lots of folks, and PERFECT WEATHER for the race. about 55 degrees at the gun. My plan all along was to do the Galloway interval program to get through this with my calf injury. My plan worked. I chose to do 2:1 intervals which proved especially helpful as the steep terrain came along at around mile 6 of the course. Started out with my friend Angie, who has a knee injury, so her plan was to have me be her pace buddy. ( really sad because she is a 1:39:00 HM'er. ) Most of you know that this course is really tough. I have mentioned it before, but it was not as bad as the last time I ran on it, mainly because there was NO humidity in the air to speak of. Good Energy, Good Crowd, lots and lots of support the whole way. At the 10K part, things began to hurt a little in the way of hills. This was the critical point of the race where the walk breaks were essential for my calf to make it through, but having said that, my walk pace was the same as the pace I did most of my long runs at! Brisk walking them with arms in running form is the key to not let the legs go into recovery mode. My Zensah Calf Support sleeves arrived yesterday just in time for the race, ( Picture will follow, as soon as they have it posted) and they were bright pink, so I matched with a pink t-shirt and pink hat. I gave many folks a good chuckle with my fashion statement! They really helped, my calves were well supported, and toasty warm so when I had to run, my paces were awesome. In some of my run intervals I was pulling a 8:40 pace, which is unheard of for me, but it felt relaxed and " right". My walk intervals were anywhere from high 11''s to mid 12's especially on the really steep terrain. That course is a bitch. I pushed when I needed to, took lots of walk breaks, and saved the last little bit of gas in the tank to pull a strider into the finish line! HOLY CRAP I DID IT! Injured! but not shaken! Garmin time: 2:22:57 Chip Time: 2:24:05 FWIW: I finished this about 12 minutes faster than I predicted. Thank you Jeff Galloway! And the Best Part: I want to run again already! Bring on the next one! Woot! Time for Pizza! Smile OMG! CheffysHUB: 1:57:53 GO HUB GO! He achieved his goal, his First HM and Under 2:00

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      Go Cheffy!!! Here is my elevation and pace chart so you can see what she means about the tough course.

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        Cheffy ... I was out running this morning in mid 40's weather, ideal, and wondering whether the nice weather made it down to your neck of the woods. I am glad to hear it did. Great job ... I'm so happy for you. Sounds like you had a great time. Nice debut half by CheffysHub as well. I hope you are enjoying yourself this afternoon. Think about where you were a year ago, and how hard you worked to get to today. It will only get better. Now, as much as I enjoyed the report, it really is useless without pictures!


          Yeah Cheffy! Congratulations on your race! I'm hoping to following in your footsteps, pun intended. Ayola PS +1 on the pics...



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            So cool, Cheffy! I'm so proud of you. Do you know how you managed to run so fast?? Please send your vibes to me immediately! Wink I got my race stuff today. I heard a woman ask an official-looking guy, "Is the course hilly?" and he said, "No, not at all! We took out some from last year!" Oh, my, it was hard for me to bite my lip. It's NOT as bad as yours was, but it's still considerable. I thought maybe I was being wimpy, but we ran into a 20-something acquaintance who drove the course and said, "Oh, it's hilly - I think they found every street in town with a hill on it!"
              Wow, congratulations!! I am not too far from you (in Wilmington NC) so we had some super weather this morning as well. I must say I am totally impressed with your pace especially with the walk breaks. You should be proud. Fishbowl
                Congrats Cheffy!!!! MTA: And CheffysHub!

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                  Popped in to say congrats to HUB!! And again to Cheffy! Big grin

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                    Thanks Ennay... xxooo Wink

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                      Congrats to you and hubby, bravo! Have you considered speed walking-this is a serious question, you must go like heck, that might be a sport where you could be really competitive. Well done again! Simon.

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                        Cheffy, Congratulations and great job. I'm waving my blue pom poms that I picked up at the UCONN Huskie football game last night and giving you a cheer, just don't ask me to dance, it could be ugly. Larry


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                          Congrats, Cheffy! I was thinking about you Saturday during my long run--chugging along for my friend. Yeah, the course looks like a beast. In spite of that, you rocked your race, just like we knew you would. Congrats to you and Hub--way to set the pace for the rest of us as we set up this racing season. Can't wait for those pictures--hot mama in the hot pink stuff!

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