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HMT - September 2011 (Read 716 times)

     LR - You got this! Your training has been great! You can do it.


    I just broke it down into smaller segments and each time I reached it I was okay I got this.


    I use this on almost every HM now. I had not finished a HM without walking until Andy mentioned this in this group a couple of years ago. I call it the "MilkTruck Method": Big grin


    A HM is 3 runs back to back. A 5 miler, another 5 miler and then a 5k.


    • The first 5 miler is easy... nice and steady. (You've got this remember!)
    • Pushing it a little in the second 5.. at 7.5 miles you're halfway through it... at 9 miles you've only got one to go... (You're training is good, you've been here before!)
    • Then it's just a 5k to the finish... 5k's are meant to hurt, so that's OK... it's only 5k... push to the finish! (You' can do it!)

    Needless mental mind games for some but this works for me! Might work for you.

    Good luck - Your HM Trainer cheering squad is rooting for you.

    ... and what Simon said. +1


    Vino - Sorry to hear that mate - rest up get well.

    HF - Awesome! You've been amazingly consistent in the last 12 months. What a great result.

    Peter - I don't run in the evening mate! But it's beautiful in the morning, at least here in DFW, right now... high 60's. Hottest I ever had in the morning this summer was 91F... I would not hack it in 100F.

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    1) Run more than 231 miles
    2) Be ready for  HM in the spring

    Climbing Mt Ruapehu

      Trucked out a slow 17km today 1:32 for a Sept total of 325ish kms. Not quite the total I wanted but it isn't bad.


      The first km really hurt today but it felt better as I went along and by the end I had minimal discomfort.  After the run I felt no worse (except just a bit mentally drained I think).  Legs felt good and no issue with fitness, just the abs still tender


      At the end of the day I completed a gentle 90 minute run at correct training pace (athough at this stage i dont think i can run much faster than that anyway) so fairly happy. Can't stretch out yet though


      However end of the day I have 4 weeks of runway left so i am not too concerned, I think i will be ok.  if I was closer to race day id be more worried.  I will just keep off any speed training now for the rest of the programme


      I have decided to move my last 31km run over to next weekend. Doing this 3 weeks out wont hurt and taper off after that.


      Weather looks crap this weekend and lots of sport to watch so I am thinking if I can get 2x 10-15km runs in that will take me to 50-60km for the week which given the circumstances is not a totally tragic result.

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        Trucked out a slow 17km today 1:32


        ... I want to get to a place where 10+ miles at 8:30/mile pace is a recovery run! Wink Nice work vino - keep getting healed up!

        I finished off the month here with an 8.3 mile (13.25km)  tempo run at 8:55/mile pace. Good pace for me. Felt OK afterwards too which is not always the case with these "fall out of bed and straight into a tempo" runs.


        I put this September down as one of my best tunning months ever. Not quite my highest mileage total - 142 Miles (227km) - but I always struggle with consistency and this month I have hit every training run in my plan. Happy.


        Now on to October - the challenges continue: 17-18 miles tomorrow morning. Never gone that long before. Bring it on!

        Catch y'all next month & good luck to all those racing this w/e.


        Cheers MattJ

        2017 Goals
        1) Run more than 231 miles
        2) Be ready for  HM in the spring