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HILLS--Love them or Hate them? (Read 357 times)

    When it comes to race day, do you hate running the hills (and dread them), or do you enjoy the hill? Maybe I’m sick in the head, but I kind of like the hill. I enjoy the challenge and see it as my opportunity to get ahead of other people (because it seems as if a big hill impacts the other runners). Just curious what other people think. D
      Well, I personally know you and YES, you are sick in the head. Big grin On the otherhand, I'm not to sure about the hills yet. I suppose that if they were going to be on a long run, I would want them in the beggining definately not at the end. I personally don't like the hills, but I do know (through you pounding it into my head) that they are good for you and can only help in the long run. It's only while I'm running them that I don't like them.

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        LOVE! My 1 mile pace on a hill workout is faster than just about anything else. I'm a freak with legs that like hills. Even in HS I loved them, even when the distance runners were whining. Big grin k

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          Not a fan but know they are a must in the trianing. Where I live there is no such thing as a route with out a hill. But what goes up must come done right Wink

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            Love Them, it's the only place I can pass people Shocked. Actually, my neighorhood has lots of hills, so I'm used to them.
              I hate hills


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                UGH I hate them but most of my running routes have them so I do my best. Never seems to be enough and I always slow down on them on race day but then again maybe I need to actually do some hill repeats hard once in a while!
                  I love them, and hate them. Confused I used to be able to run them well, but since starting back up last summer, I didn't run alot of hills...therefore, I didn't run them well when I had to, and grew to hate them. Angry I like them once I get to the top and can run down. Wink

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