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Intrepid Racers - March 23 & 24 (Read 18 times)

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    It's late March and all the signs of winter's retreat are fully in place. For us in the northern tier, evenings are getting longer and the sun during the day is strong enough to start the snow and ice melt.  There's no doubt, however, that winter still holds sway as New England had a heavy snow earlier this week...but there's no stopping spring now, we've turned the corner.


    Light calendar this week with two races on tap.


    MattJ comes back for his first event since his epic full last December (or was it Nov?) and heads out for the half marathon part of a trail race festival of Half, Full & 50 mile. Course sounds like a challenging mix of dirt, sand and hills in the Texas country. Don't get lost, Matt. Docket_Rocket continues her quest for the top echelons of Half Fanatics / Full Fanatics / just generally Fanatic, and is entered for (what I think) is her first ultra, but I recall seeing a posting in another group that she's not feeling 100% and may be a DNS.


    Mar 23 MattJ Grasslands Trail Run 13.1 mi Decatur, TX
    Mar 23 Docket_Rocket Palm 100 50K Ft. Laurerdale, FL


    Good luck to all our racers and runners for this weekend and for those 'on deck' and training for upcoming events.

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      Thanks Andy.... I had a lot of fun at Grasslands. I did get lost... but so did everyone else and not for very long.

      The weather was horrendous and I finished in 2:19:00. Had a great time. Race report here:


      Race report here


      P.S. Sorry y'all that I have not posted in so long. Lots of non-running stuff going on!

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        Sorry, guys, but one of my kitties fell ill and was hospitalized Saturday morning so I DNSd the ultra.  I will be running another one next month.


        MattJ, great job!



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