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HMT - February 2012 (Read 523 times)

an amazing likeness

    Well that was a quick month...zooom and it's already March! 


    February's summary for me: ran two races (10 miler / half marathon). With the mild winter we're having in the northeast, only had to revert to the treadmill 2 times (yeah!). 4 days off, so 25 run days. Left hamstring nagging and worrisome (boo!).


    The best things about leaving February behind are any sub-zero cold snaps coming will only last a few days, and only a few more weeks until we change clocks ahead, so soon be able to running in the light for the first days since early October.

    I've done my best to live the right way. I get up every morning and go to work each day. (for now)

    Climbing Mt Ruapehu

      You have lucky kids vino! What a great inspiration you are. What do your girls friends think about all the great things you get up to?


      They do have a reputation as the "runners" and "energiser bunnies"


      We have pulled our attempt forward to this weekend as it gives us an hour more light as now NZ plummits towards winter losing 3 minutes light a day.  We will use every smidgen of the day's light as well as a good handful of night hours too.


      There has been a good whack of rain recently and track conditions will be more trying than when we did this in 2 sections over Dec/Jan


      I am not assuming this is in the bag by any stretch. It is one very very long day for an ultra fit adult let alone 13yo girls. 75km in a day, 3300m total ascent on unforgiving waitakere trail is a monmental challenge.  If we succeed the twins will be the youngest people ever to complete the trail in a day.  The record is currently held by a 19yo


      No answers are given though if no questions are asked. So we are going to ask the question of our bodies, minds and the trail itself.  The answers will come. "Death or Glory" :-)

      Personal Race Records:

      M 3:52:48 (Auckland 2011), HM 1:38:16 (Taupo 2010), 10km 45:05 (Sir Barry 2010), 5km 20:21 (How Pak 5km 2010)


      2012 Goals:
      Run the 75km Hillary Trail in a day (done 10/3/2012)