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Intrepid Racers - May 18 & 19 (Read 15 times)

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    Now that we’re deep into May the late winter marathon tune-ups and early summer southern races have passed their bloom, while in the northern climes the full flowering of the spring race calendar is finally upon us.


    This weekend our race calendar is 100% half marathon, and…that just feels right.


    Seeing buchy2009’s entry reminds me of everything I know about running in TN…hot, humid, hilly – always all three.  In beautiful, historic Halifax (if you can…visit, it’s a great place) Ayola is running what has to be one of the best small-city courses imaginable with ocean vistas, historic downtown full of exuberant crowds, and a street festival atmosphere. (there was a flash mob dance at the start last year!).  Redleaf is on a quick turnaround from a half a few weeks ago, and with another half up for next weekend, is looking for an easy day in Cleveland.


    May 18 buchy2009 Viola Valley Half Marathon Viola, TN
    May 18 the kenyan Ogden Half Ogden, UT
    May 19 ayola Bluenose Half Halifax, NS, CA
    May 19 redleaf Cleveland Marathon Cleveland, OH



    Good luck, fleet feet and following winds to all our racers. Time to put all those miles and hours training to work.

    I've done my best to live the right way. I get up every morning and go to work each day. (for now)

      Good luck guys!


      And I will second the positive comment on Halifax, I lived there for three years and went  to Dalhousie University, my father and later my sister were both profs at Dal. A great small city, beauty and history.

      PBs since age 60:  5k- 24:36, 10k - 47:17. Half Marathon- 1:42:41.

                                          10 miles (unofficial) 1:16:44.


      One day at a time

        Hi, Simon!  My friend (the one whose marathon would have BQ'd even if she'd been MALE!) has a son who is going to that university.  He loves it.  We will have to visit some day.  It's a long drive from southern Maine, though!  There's a ferry, but it's awfully expensive.

          Halifax really is pretty. My brother moved out to PEI a few years ago now and we've been there a lot too. So pretty. But yea, not exactly cheap to get to.


          Got the email with my bib number. Getting very excited. I'm taking the car in tomorrow for a bit of a tune up as we're driving to Cleveland.


          Anyone know of a good place to eat?

          First or last...it's the same finish line

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            Good luck!


            I have a 10K on Saturday (Women for Women 10K).  Not a PR attempt, just a fun women's race with gorgeous hula boys!



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            It's always fucking hot in Miami!