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    Any rules of thumb to follow with # of days rest after a HM ? When should you resume activity (running or cross training) ? And when you do resume how should you adjust your mileage ?
      I think everyone responds differently, but if you take one day off completely then go for a walk next day to see how your legs feel you should be ready for a short run within 2 or 3 days. That worked for me last time. Simon.

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        I usually take it easy the next week. I'll run, but it will be a few less miles, and definitely all at an easy pace. It really depends on how you feel. Even if you are sore and don't want to run right away, it would good to go for a walk to loosen the muscles a bit.


          I am feeling better today, but oh man, I am so sore all over the place! I am traveling for work all week, so any exercise I can fit in will be on a treadmill at the hotels. I am certainly not going to beat myself up about it. I did a short recovery run yesterday that was absolutely painfull. I knew I had to though, because I wanted to jump start the recovery process. I am taking it easy and resting all week, then back into a regular light and easy low mileage routine for this girl. I will build up again gradually, to make sure my body doesn't rebel against me. As I type this, I am in Cedar Rapids, IA in the airport having lunch and a beer.... sounds like a good recovery plan to me! Wink

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            Ooh, I agree, good plan, Cheffy!! It sounds as if the most important thing is to listen to our bodies and maybe push them just a tad. I'm planning on 4 very easy miles tomorrow, then 4 or 5 on Thursday and Friday. It's nice having an HM on Sunday - I already have lots of miles for the week!

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              I took today completely off. Then Im going to ease back into it but with lower mileage this week and then next Im right back on again to train for my November half.

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                I took today completely off. Then Im going to ease back into it but with lower mileage this week and then next Im right back on again to train for my November half.
                So when you say you are right back into it will you go back to what you were running for total weekly miles the week before your HM ? I peaked at 23 miles the week before my HM. I only ran 19 (including the HM) during the race week. To recover I ran twice 3 and then 4 miles - so only 7 miles the week after the HM. So after maybe another easy week this week of say 10 -11 total miles - Then what should i reasonably shoot for total weekly miles to be the following week ? Do I have to follow no more than 10% rule ? or can I pick a total between 10 and 23 and then add miles following the 10% rule after that ?
                  I try to get out for a super easy 4 or 5 miles the day after my half..... usually 2 or more minutes slower per mile. After that I just go by feel.... but I'm usually back to my old self by 5 or 4 days after the race. ...having said that... we are all different.... A walk the day after is never a bad idea....... Jason

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                    I rested two days. Then I felt good enough to join my speed work group on Tuesday nights. That went OK. A little creaky at first but still ran 1:33 quarters. (Normal pace) Then Wednesday morning I ran an easy four miles - but that was a tough run. That Tuesday night combined with the half on Saturday was a bit much.

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                      The day after my HM (Mon) I rested Tues I went for a slow 2 mile recovery run. Wens I rested Thur I was back to normal, 5 easy miles Fri I did a tough 5 mile hill run Smile and I did my regular 10 mile long run on Sunday Two to four easy/rest days and you should be good to go. You will know when your ready to really run again.
                        I ran a Half this past saturday, and ran a real easy 3 miler Sunday on the treadmill, then a easy 4.5 mile runs on Monday and Tuesday, so I guess either I did not run hard enough on Saturday or I recover faster. So everyone recovers differently and it also depends upon how hard you ran the race and your overall mileage.