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    As per my previous post of finishing the Higdon Half Training Plan early...this is what my husband and I have come up with to train until our Half in September. How does this plan look? As always your opinions are valued. MTA: We will begin week 4, on Sunday 6-22-08 Smile

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      I think the most important plan is just to have a plan. What are your and DH goals for the HM? The one thing I don't see in your plan is the pace. I can't tell from it when you're doing easy runs verses some tempo runs. I really shouldn't talk because I don't follow my plan for that, I run more how I feel. For instance I ran a 5K race on Wednesday night. Thursday should have been an easy night for me. Instead I went out faster than normal, tapered a little bit in the middle and finished the last 1.5 mile in about a 7:20 pace. My race avg the night before was like a 7:10, so I was running almost my 5K race pace. My legs felt great and my breathing was easy. Tonight I sucked wind. But had been at a party all afternoon and ate about an hour before my run. I was really slow tonight and the hills killed me. I think it was one of the slowest runs of the year. I just didn't have anything in the tank. Of course the fact that I worked about 5 hours in the yard before I went to the picnic probably didn't have have anything to do with it!!!!!


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        Looks like a pretty good plan. Since you're a chef, I'll offer some food for thought. Your milieage buildup is fine, but be careful with the intervals while adding mileage. I'm sure you've heard me say that before. Wink You also may want to consider switching Tuesday and Wednesday. That will space out the quality days (long run and speed work) better. Another option instead of intervals are tempos. I found they are a great workout for the longer races. You could start with 10-15 minutes warm up, 20-25 minutes at tempo pace, then 10-15 minutes cool down. You can always add more tempo pace minutes if you feel up to it. Tempo pace should feel quick, but comfortable. When you finish you should feel like you could do more. I agree with Larry that it's good to have a plan. Just don't be afraid to alter the plan. If you are feeling run down scale back a little, or substitute an easy run for the speed work. Also if you are feeling good go ahead and tack on a few minutes to an easy run. I honestly think that for your first half you could do mostly all easy running and still have a very successful race. The number one goal should be to get to the starting line healthy. Then it's just a matter of reaping the benefits of all of your hard work. Enjoy!