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HMT - October 2011 (Read 517 times)

    I'm glad you enjoyed the trail run Happyfeet. Mine was cancelled due to heavy snow - about 8 10 inches. Quite odd for October, and its mostly melted now. I'll have to find another race to keep me motivated to run through winter.

      Well I am going to have to run about 40 miles tomorrow morning to run off all the candy I have eaten tonight... I am such a bad person @ Halloween! Evil


      LR - Sorry to hear your race was cancelled - will you find another trail race?

      HappyFeat - Great experience! Will you do more.. I am going to have to find one of these to try next year!

      Meg - Hang in there. Winter is a really tough time for you folks up in the great frozen North! How about signing up for an early spring HM? keep that training up and hit 2012 with an early PR?


      I finished October with over 170 miles - by far the most I have ever run in a single month and likely to be that way for a while.... I have a last 20 miler in a couple of weeks time then start to taper down for the marathon.


      See you on the flip side everyone.... beware of things that go bump in the night tonight! Smile

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