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What should my next two weeks look like? (Read 249 times)

    Well, as I knew would happen, I'm having kind of a crazy October schedule. And my HM is 11/2. I'd love any advice for how I should spend next two weeks. I'm thinking of keeping the weekday runs the same, and doing a ten-miler for my long run next weekend. I'm worried both that that's too long, and that it's too short. The trail run this morning was a prior commitment, and it is a honker of a run, an out and back with over 1000 feet up, including some *very* steep hill sections. So I think it kind of counts more than an ordinary 7.5 mile run. Wink Still, I'd have loved to do a ten plus miler this morning. I suppose I should have tacked on more mileage at the end, but, well, I wasn't thinking then. Thanks for eyeballing my log!
      Anne my advice would be to tell you it's too late for improvement in the next two weeks. The trail run with hills is a excellent training run. You could do a 10 miler next weekend if your goal is keep your edge, go slow. Looking at your log you do not need to do the 10 miles, I think 8 would be fine. The week before the race keep your runs short, such as 4 - 5 miles at HM pace & take an extra day off. I hope things go great for you Smile

      Courage ! Do one brave thing today...then run like hell.

        Anne, I agree with Sarge that it is late in the game to be looking for improvements; I think the expression is "the hay is in the barn"! What you might benefit from is at least one tempo run, to sharpen up your speed, otherwise you have to trust the training you have already done to get you the results you expect. Good luck in the race! Simon.

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          Oh, I'm not looking to improve. I just want to get to the starting line as ready as I can be, and I think I"m worrying about cutting back too much, which is silly. Not like I'm suddenly going to lose the ability to cover the distance. Many times I've reassured people that, say, you can do a 10k even on your longest training run being 5 miles, if you've got the base. Now I just need to remember that myself! Wink Thanks for the reassurance on the hill run. I had been kind of regretting the distance vs. quality tradeoff there, but, you're right, hills are good for me, and I feel great today. I'll let you know how it goes -- I can never keep up with the main monthly thread, but I do lurk when I can!

          One day at a time

            Good luck, Anne!! You'll do great. Those hilly trail runs can be challenging! I did one this morning that wasn't THAT hilly, and it still took me 37 minutes to go 5k! Have you done an HM before?
              Thanks, Teresa! Technically, I have done HMs before, but that was in my first llife as a runner, when I was in my early 20s. My pr then was a sub-2:00 -- I don't remember the exact time . . . 1:58 something, I think. Def. sub-2, but not by a lot. With 15+ years off from running between then and now, I'm happy to feel within spitting distance of that now, even if that PR will be safe for a while.