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    Today I ran the Amsterdam Half Marathon. And to my surprise, it went really well. I started a little too fast (like I almost always do...) but corrected my speed before that could do too much damage Wink From that point on I managed to keep my pace for a long time, until I really slowed down after km 16 or so. The last few kilometers I managed to pick up speed again. The course went at that point through the Vondelpark (which is to Amsterdam what Central Park is to New York) and the finish was in the Olympic Stadium - and that's an unbelievable experience! Smile Smile Smile There was a big crowd before and inside the stadium and they cheered al of us on, it was an incredible to finish the race. My time was 1:54:04, a totally unexpected PR! What I learned from another forum was to take it easy at the refreshment stations (or whatever you call them). I took a cup and drank while walking 100 meters or so. This worked really well for me. Also I walked part of a steep bridge over the Amstel. This helped me to save what was left of my strength for the rest of the way. BTW, if anyone is interested in the route, here is a pdf. bas

    52° 21' North, 4° 52' East


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        Big grin Big grin Big grin WTG! Knew you could do it! You da MAN!!!

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          Yay, Bas, that is great! You and Dave/Daddyo had very similar times--too bad you weren't running the same HM, as you could have enjoyed the race together. Smile k

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              Congratulations! I also walked a short distance at the water stations, it also worked well for me. For one thing you actually get the water in your mouth instead of all over your shirt Big grin

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                Way to go Bas! The stadium finish sounds awesome. We are loooking to travel next year to do a Marathon. Maybe we will end up there! Smile Dave

                  Thanks all! I still feel great about this. And Daddyo, do consider Amsterdam if you don't mind traveling that far. The atmosphere is great, and the course is almost completely flat, so if this will be your first full marathon, it will be a pr that's hard to beat Smile bas

                  52° 21' North, 4° 52' East

                    That is great!! You have given me inspiration that maybe, just maybe, I can finish mine!
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                      You'll finish, girl. You'll probably be wanting to take an ice bath afterwards, but you'll finish. I have faith in you.

                      Roads were made for journeys...


                        That is great!! You have given me inspiration that maybe, just maybe, I can finish mine!
                        I think there's no maybe about it! Expect to see a red panda cheering you past the finish line Big grin bas

                        52° 21' North, 4° 52' East