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    Thanks Larry! Right now I'm doing a 10k clinic with a friend and hoping to start a long, slow, steady 1/2 program mid-December. I'll definitely be posting more then and lurking about in the meantime Smile

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      Well – BUGGER! I really need some advice folks.



      Last week was a crappy running one! I was travelling with work and my run last Wednesday (8 days ago) didn’t go well. I felt a little niggle in my hip about halfway round and paid it little mind.

      I got up the next morning (rest day) and it was really stiff – I figured I’d walk it off by noon but that didn’t happen.

      I felt like I’d pulled something very high up in my left hip.

      I’ve been on vacation with the missus for the last week and did not run. At all. I figured I’d try to let this thing get better.


      Now I’m back and I’m itching for a run. Damn this stuff is addictive

      I know my hip is not 100% but my training was going so well. I was building up days & mileage……


      Dare I try something slow & short tomorrow … or more time on the couch?


      Somebody hold me back before about 7am tomorrow or I’m out the door! 



      Cheers MattJ




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        lol = I'd just go out nice and easy and SLOW and see how it feels Smile

        First or last...it's the same finish line

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          I'm with Lisa, Matt. See how it feels. If it loosens up after a couple miles, great. If after that distance you're really still in pain and limping, then get thee to a dr--preferably one who runs. But I'd give it a go . . . nice and slow, mind you. 


          Keep us posted!

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            Matt - I'll third that. I'd opt for slow, no slower and gradually rebuild base to be sure you don't have a permanent injury that might require medical attention. I'm doing something similar because of left quad and groin irritation, and I have a half in 9 days... It will have to be a slow run/walk so I can finish without injury and the heck with original goal. Heck there is always another race down the road to make a pb at.


            I should mention that my training this week went into the proverbial cocked hat. Had a lousy long run Sunday, and had planned to try and get some easy runs in while we counted down to youngest daughters wedding on Sat. Well that didn't work, always something that kept me from getting out there. This morning it was watch the grandkids while son and dil went to run at Austin, Town Lake and wife had to shower to get ready - takes her 2hrs... such is life. I might get to run around the hotel tomorrow morning if I sneak out...

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