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HM times for the "Virutal" race, anyone? (Read 312 times)

    Guys - I have a request from runningluke to include the half-marathon distance in the "Virtual" race. I need at least one more HM time in order to make it a race. Anyone in here run a HM within the last month and would like to submit the time? Use http://www.geocities.com/yanelh/results_form.html. Times must be submitted before midnight tomorrow since the rest of the "Virtual" races are coming out right after that. Janell

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      Well, dangit! I was less than a tenth of a mile shy yesterday! Had I known I would have run an extra block there at the end.... Sad k

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        I posted but with my time he's already won!
        Cincinnati Flying Pig May 4
          Lisa, don't feel bad... your HM is only 7 1/2 minutes slower than my 10 mile time... Guess we're just a couple of "c-team casual joggers", eh? Big grin

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            We run our own pace girl!! And.. we enjoy it more! lisa
            Cincinnati Flying Pig May 4
              Hey, I figure I get more race "experience" for my money than those speedy folks. Big grin

              Roads were made for journeys...

                My theory/justification on being slow is that if it is an out & back course, I get to see almost everyone running the race!! Big grin When Kirsten & I ran our 10mi race, the leader passed me (headed back to the finish of course) when I was at the 3.5mi marker!!! Cripe, he didn't even take the time to smell the polution in the Grand River at that pace!!!
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