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    Is it normal that you should have trouble " Holding" your training pace? My training pace should be around 12:00 miles, and I am as of late really struggling to keep it that pace without my body going too fast.... I think I am cruising along at that 12mm pace, look down at Garmie, and it is 10:20..... Shocked Is this a natural effect of building endurance? Is it okay to run faster if I don't feel like I am expending any extra effort? Confused I really battle myself lately to " SLOW DOWN" my pace average is falling to 11:20 ish.... Sorry for the Ignorance of this question.... Still a Newbie. Blush

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      Although hoping these guys will respond, I can say as another fairly new runner that I tend to have "pace creep" as well, and end up outside the range I am aiming for. I do think the instant readings are variable for a number of reasons (smoothing, hills, trees etc.) but I find this at the end of the run as well, and I trust the average reading. I don't worry about it too much, though may not be training optimally. Simon.

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        It looks like you've been steady with your mileage, so it doesn't surprise me that your easy pace would come down a bit. If it still feels easy, i.e., you could carry on a conversation while you are running, and you're not overly winded when you are done, I would think that you are OK. A minute or two a mile less is a bit much, but I would think 20 - 30 seconds is OK. Just be careful if you start adding mileage. Then you don't want it going down much at all. I have a Garmin and I really don't pay much attention to the pace ... I don't even display it. I have it set to auto lap at each mile, and I take note of the splits. I feel that is more accurate than the pace.


          Perfect... That is the answer I was hoping for. I don't ever feel winded when I am running. Not anymore since slowing down. I have a long run of 7 planned for Sunday, and the weather is getting quite warm here now, so i will HAVE to slow it back down for that run. As for my Garmin, I mainly concentrate what the total Average Pace per mile looks like at the end. This is how I know I am having " down creep" issues with my pace. I just want to maximize my training to its fullest potential so I can run that Half in a very respectable time this fall. Work got in the way last week, but I am back on track this week with a finish of about 17 miles for the week. Thanks for the Help as ALWAYS..... Wink

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