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    Juli-  Conrrats on your first HAlf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Juli - way to go we all knew you could do it.  Wonderful race.

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        Congrats Juli!!!  How exciting for you!!!



        I had a 5K today, and while I got a PR (by seconds) I didn't quite get the time I was hoping for. I was in at 27:02 and was hoping for 26:30.  But I gave my all!!  However, with that said I would really like to take this opportunity to vent for a moment; because that is what this is here for, right?  To voice our questions, concerns and comments.      


         I personally run against myself, which I think most runners do.  It is fun to race and it keeps you motivated but when it comes down to it, I'm only racing me and my times and what I'm capable of.   So, when it comes to making excuses for times or races, I feel like you are only doing yourself a disgrace.  You know in your heart whether you gave it your all or not, end of discusion.  I ran with two girls today, who are quite a bit slower than I am, but both of them had great races and one  had a pretty huge PR.  And both still crossed the finish line with a million and one reasons why it could have been better.  Everything you could think of, from a course that had a lot of corners, to not enough people directing where the course went, to older shoes, to the rain.  Seriously you name it they have said it.  And it drives me nuts.   It you don't stop to puke or fall and twist your ankle then it's not really an excuse.  Not every race is going to be a straight line, with no breeze, and 60*.  If you're going to run, then run!  Okay, I think I'm over it.... Thanks for listening, or reading I guess. 


        Back to my pumpkin bread.... Yummy!!  (I love to bake which is in turn why I now love to run! )


          Thanks to everyone for the words of encouragement! I'm glad I did it.

          I think back on my life-I never did anything remotely athletic. In fact, I graduated from high school at 5'3" and 155 pounds. Now, I weigh 115 and at the age of 43 have just run a half marathon! I am very thankful.


           Wow, Juli,  You should be proud!!!!  Great job.  That first marathon feeling of accomplishment is something else.


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              Happy Halloween –



              I’m going try and get in a few words between the trick-or-treaters’ knocks at the door! 


              Yesterday I was sick as a dog; it hit me like a sack of potatoes and I was out for the count! Sore throat, sinus congestion, fever, and colds sweats ewww!  Today I felt a lil better so I decided to head to the gym for a light workout.  I did 40mins of strength training (back) and ran an easy 5.25 @ 8:20 pace. Felt good after the run…but kept getting headaches during the lifting.  Oh well…guess we will see what tomorrow brings!



              Thanks for all the pic comments!



              Take Care, Kelly



              Rob: Glad the hip is feeling better!



              Jeff: Thanks for the pic comments!



              Anj: I run on the treadmill 2-3 times a week…I find it helps with my speed and hill workouts! Of course nothing beats running outdoors…but the treadmill helps me monitor my training progress.



              Cara: I would lean towards joining the gym…especially if they have good hours (my gym is open 24/7 and it really helps me ensure I get my workouts in – no excuses J



              Juli: Congrats Girl! Awesome job! I love the write-up, you should be extremely proud of yourself!



              Rebecca – Great job on your PR!

              Never say never; because limits, like fears, are often just an illusion! 10.17.09, HM Cannonball Run, Greensboro NC, 1:45:12
                Rebecca - anytime you PR it was a great race.  Venting is needed at times and it is great that you are always trying to improve.

                Kelly - hope you are feeling better, way to push out a run. 

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                  Congratulations, Juli! Way to knock out your first half! Like you, I didn't exercise much when I was younger.  Though I'd run short races before my first half, the feeling of accomplishment of that first 13.1 race was huge . . . don't worry, the soreness will pass . . . hydrate well and stretch whenever you remember. Wear your medal around the house, too. I find that helps.


                  Kelly, you are fierce! Your "light" workout puts my "intense" workouts to shame . . . recover well.


                  Rebecca, congrats on the PR. I understand your feeling about the "complainers" along the course . . . a race is a race is a race. Conditions are never ideal, and we all leave our all out there . . . or should.


                  Ran a long 18 today, my longest run before the half. I've trying to push the long runs toward marathon-length as I'll have only ten weeks to finish out training before 26.2-Day arrives post-half. I've got two weeks now til my half to sharpen my speed!

                  Let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us. (Heb. 12:1b)
                  Mile by Mile

                    Congratulations, Juli!

                    Nice run Rebecca!

                    As you say, give it all you have got on that day, on that course, and no regrets.



                    Sorry, guys, I am not going back to Active.

                     After having problems  twice, I feel I have given them a fair chance.

                    See you!


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