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A Half on 3-4 runs per week? (Read 324 times)

    Hey all! Smile Just looking for some feedback on training. I'm a bit older than most here at 55. I'm looking at a half in late May. I looked at Hal Higdon's novice half plan. I can run on alternating days if I fiddle with the plan. Seems like my old legs need the recovery time. Anyone else had a similiar experience? Thanks Blush
      No personal experience but I've read several experts who believe that after about 50 years old or so running everyother day is a great idea. As long as you do a long run and something short at race pace every week you should do OK. I rest two days a week. If you think you need the extra rest then you probably do. Another idea I've seen is run in the morning, next day run in the evening ,next day off, repeat. That way you always get at least 32 hours rest. That could be hard for some schedules. Give your idea a try, Good Luck Smile

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        Hey Sarge, Thanks! We're in the same line of work so you know how difficult to fit work, family etc into a running schedule! Feel free to drop me a liine @ midpacker@hotmail.com. I'm the same height but abut 40 pounds heavier than you! Geesh I envy you skinny guys Big grin

          MidPacker, I did the Chicago half on running 3 days a week last year. I used Jeff Galloway's schedule and ran 5 min., walked 1 on all of my long runs and on the day of the race. I am just starting to do some short runs back to back (I am 49) but usually do 48 hours between runs. Good luck - I think the key is to do cross training on the other days. I wasn't great about doing that the first time but have been good since then! Hope to do the Green Bay Half this May (if I can ever get off the treadmll and back outside!). Mary
            i'm only 28, but have had trouble getting into running every day (i have rheumatoid arthritis and running daily just doesn't agree with my joints and tendons). i've been following hal higdon's beginner plan since october and am up to a 10 mile long run. my half marathon is in 4 weeks. i've had absolutely no problems and feel very well prepared. i did modify the plan a bit - i took about twice as long as recommended to complete the first half and i'm planning to do a long run of 12 instead of just 10 before my race, but other than that, its pretty similar to the plan published online. i run mondays, wednesdays and saturdays and have been biking/walking for my cross training as well as doing a little strength training. good luck!!
              I'm 36 and weigh just under 180 and I'm preparing to run a half next Sunday on just 3-4 days of running per week. My goal time is 1:35-1:36. I ran a half 2 years ago on that much running in 1:46. Later that year I used HH's novice marathon program (4 days per week) to run a marathon in 3:38. Last fall I prepared for a full marathon and ran 5 days per week. That was better preparation, obviously, but I built up to it over a couple years.
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                Hey jcaruso! Looks like I don't live too far from you. What half are you doing next week? And you're fats on your feet. Good luck! Hope the weather's a bit better than it has been. Smile
                  I'm running Hyannis. I have a tough time seeing myself as fast, but I'm getting there! I assume you meant that instead of fats Cool
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                    Hi Midpacker! I am 57 (today in fact) and started running at 55. I have also found it best to have rest days between runs, at least for the first few months. Building up gradually is key for older runners, as we have more years of inactivity to overcome. After one year of running I ran my first half marathon last October in 1:55 and was quite pleased to break 2 hours. If I had trained harder there is no question I would have been faster, but I had done plenty of long runs so I would know how I should feel at different stages of the race, and so I weould be confident of finishing strongly. Not sure how long you have been running but I am the same height as you 6 feet, and weighed 193 when I started, about 168 now. Being lighter helps a lot on the hills! As you get fitter it will not be a problem running more often, I often run on consecutive days, sometimes three days in a row. Good luck!

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                      I think that as we get older we need more time to recover from hard workouts and races. Recovery can include easy running. There are folks here in their 50s who run 5-6 days a week. I'm pretty sure they don't do more than 2 days of hard running, and certainly not consecutive days of hard running.