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How long before the next HM ? (Read 617 times)

Beginner all over again

    How long do you wait before you enter another HM race?


    If your training plan is about 12+ weeks, do you enter a HM every 12 weeks? 

    Can one do a HM four times a year?

    Is there more recovery time needed?


      You do not have to repeat the training plan to prepare for another race- once you are trained to race that distance you just need to maintain that level of fitness and you can enter as many races as you wish. Each one will likely feel easier than the last, at least for a while.



      The race is a much bigger effort than a training run, and will leave you much more tired, so you probably don't want to run two on consecutive weekends, but I see no reason why you could not do two of them a couple of weeks apart. I think how many you could reasonably run in  three months or a year would vary widely from one individual to another. There are individuals who run 10-20 marathons a year, but probably not very fast in most cases!


      If you are asking because you like racing then I would try a variety of distances, some people run ten or fifteen  5k races per year, or more. Entry fees may become a factor as it gets expensive.

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        Yeah, you don't need to go through a whole training cycle again.  As long as you are recovered you can run another race.  The longer the race the longer the recovery.  There are some people around here that run a 5K almost every week, but that is a relatively short distance and the race could be a substitute for speed work.  Personally with a half I don't think I would want to race them less than 3 weeks apart, but that's just me.  Some people recover quicker, others slower.


        I do think that at some point you will reach a point of diminishing returns and would want to get back to a period of base building.  You can only peak for so long.


          I have only run my Halfs in route to Marathon training.


          Last fall ran half in september then marathon like 6 weeks later, Spring same thing. 


          This Fall will run a hard half 9/13 and then Easy Half two weeks later (9/26) as more of a MP training run, then marathon 3 weeks later.


          Generally rule of thumb is "nothing hard" for 1 day for each 1 mile of race.  So my 13 days between marathons is on the low side, thus not really going to bang the second.  Plus the theorey is that I am in Marathon shape so being prepared for 26.2 that the 13.1 will not be as big of strain.


          When is your HM scheduled? 


          MTA ---


          You could probably safely bang out the following races:


          5K --- Weekly

          10K  --- Bi - Weekly

          15K - Half  --- 3 - 4 weeks

          Marathon  --- Usually 2 - 4 per yr for most, but some do monthly and even weekly, but not the norm

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            Can one do a HM four times a year?



            I have already done 4 HM's this year (including 2 on back to back Saturday's) and I've got three more planned (2 in october and 1 in Novmeber)...plus full in December.


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              I decided a few months ago that since I was running a relatively long training run every weekend anyway (10-15 miles) I'd try running a half marathon instead anytime there was one in the area I could get to and it worked into my schedule. Last week I ran the Davidson (NC) Run for Green Half Marathon and finished 1st in my age group (55-59) in 1:40:07. The previous week I ran the Asheville Citizen-Times Half Marathon and finished 2nd in my age group in 1:39:46. I've got another one coming up in three weeks. Beats doing a long boring training run on Sunday!

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                Wow, Richard, that's great!  You've been running only a year?!?   That's amazing.

                  This is kind of neat. I am planning my next 1/2 for the end of May 2010.


                  I am slow and pokey and would like to get a little bit faster. I found a nice long (24 week!) training plan so I'll be starting it in December. I think I'll throw one or two 10ks in during the schedule if it works out but I'd like to keep up that fitness level once I get it to there. 


                  A goal of a 1/2 a month seems doable then Smile 


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