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    I have a tibial stress fracture Cry No running for how long??!! I don't know if I'll make it. Of course this puts me out of running my HM. I hate being sidelined! Ok complaining over (thanks for listening Smile)

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      I think it's 6 weeks...that's what Eryn had to sit out when she that issue last Winter. I'm really sorry. I am living in fear of something sidelining me for my own HM. Did you talk to the race director? Will they allow you to transfer your entrance fee to next year's race? (((HUGS))) k

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        Katkelly, I feel your pain!! I was out for 6+ wks this past winter with several stress fractures, just a couple of months before my first race, a 25K no less!! But, keep running if you want, just do it in the pool. Strap on a flotation belt & run in the water. You'll stay in shape & won't get bored out of your mind (too much). I know it isn't running the roads, but it is better than a kick in the teeth, right? Big grin
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          OK...I need to know...how did you get the stress fracture? How can I avoid it...2 weeks to my half!
            i'm definitely going to have to find a pool. I finally got my fiance to start running with me and now he's going without me!! That's driving me even more nuts! I'm guessing it started when I twisted my ankle a couple weeks back, so I think I screwed up my gait which led to my foot landing incorrectly and therefore too much pounding led to the stress fracture. The hardest part is not just "playing" through the pain. All my years of playing volleyball I always played through everything. But I know if I run through this it'll just make it worse and sideline me longer.
              OK...I need to know...how did you get the stress fracture? How can I avoid it...2 weeks to my half!
              Generally speaking, stress fractures are overuse injuries. They don't always start with a specific injury like katkelly14 here. They happen when the pounding you're giving your body is more than the amount it can heal. One more good reason to start out slow in the milage department! That's about all I know about them... other than they HURT!

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