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    Hi all, nice to meet you....thanks to zoom zoom for the invite Smile My first half is on Oct 15th. 3 weeks left to go! It should be pretty cool here in Toronto by then but I prefer the cool weather. (For running, not lounging!) Remember everyone....it is NOT "just a half marathon: ... it is a Full 13 miler (or 21.1K for us up here) cheers!

    Princess Cancer Pants

      I like that, "Full 13 (+.1) Miler!" Big grin I like the cooler weather, too...but it came on kind of fast and hard, here. We've already had frost and it's been pretty windy and rainy. I seriously was running in Summer weather one week and mid-fall weather the next...typical for MI. It's a bit of a shock to the system. Smile k

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      Go Pre!

        Toronto is like that too. We have a long winter, long summer but spring and fall are just short little interuptions. Hopefully the winter is a warm one....I prefer the roads to the gym anyday.