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    (My apologies to our racers for being so tardy in posting this week's races...I'll do better on consistently hitting Wed PM or Thur AM going forward)


    Three events on our calendar this week.  Runningmom's Bluegrass Half sounds like a fantastic event -- a beautiful course through rolling hills of the horse country farms of Kentucky, a good mid-size at 4,000 runners, and...wow...they really are big on the 'swag'.  The after party sounds sweet also, this looks like one to put on the future calendar is you're anywhere nearby.


    Hog4life is putting in an early season bid for our "best race name" award with his last minute 5K. Gunning for sub 23:00 and supporting a cause near and dear...doesn't get much better.


    Our resident "race every weekend" runner, Docket_Rocket is braving the unseasonable chill happening in southern FL for the inaugural running of the Coral Springs Half.  Inaugural races are a good time, an adventure.


    Mar 30 runningmom Bluegrass Half Lexington, KY
    Mar 30 Docket_Rocket Coral Springs Half Coral Springs, FL
    Mar 30 hog4life Rumpshaker 5K Birmingham, AL


    To get your results recorded against your goal, don't forget to check back and post your results in the applicable intrepid racers weekly.


    Good luck and fleet feet to all racers - have fun!

    I've done my best to live the right way. I get up every morning and go to work each day. (for now)

      Check in time. After working 12 hours Friday night, and getting off a little early, then hurrying home to change and pick up my wife, then driving 75 miles, we made it to the 5th annual Rumpshaker 5k with 20 minutes to spare before the start. Not the setting for a PR attempt due to lack of time for a proper warm up, plus I needed to find a friend that had picked up my packet. Once I found him and got by bib pinned on, it was time to hit the porta potty. Just 8 units for over 1000 people, someone didn't plan this too well. After standing in line and taking care of business, we had about one minute before the start. As we started scurrying to the start line, it was evident that we could not get to the proper location(coral) based on our anticipated pace. There were hundreds of people crammed into one lane of a street. It took us about 2:30 to get to the start mats.

      I had 2 goals, or objectives for this run, well, actually 3. First was to run with a different friend to see if he could help push me to the sub 23(he run a 21:52), but I didn't get there in time to meet up with him. Second, was to pace the friend that picked up my packet. Third, was to have fun, and support something that's close to me since I'm a 7 month post op colon cancer survivor.

      My friends old PR was around 29:20ish(not sure, but he had two goals, sub 28, and 27:30). As we started the shuffle to get going and dodging a bunch of people, I asked him what he wanted to run, and he said, "8:50". I asked him several times if he was sure, double checked him after the first mile was 8:52, he assured me that he would try to keep up. I kept us on pace and was dodging and passing people the whole way. When we came off this last overpass, we were about 1/4 to the finish, did a check on him and we kicked in the overdrive. I was having so much fun right here, hooting and hollering, smiling and laughing, come on Jimmy, lets go! Follow me! As we run by this young lady, she said," since you have so much energy left, do you mind carrying me?" Made my day. We crossed the finish line in 26:46 for an 8:37pace. My friend was gasping for air like there was no tomorrow, I give him a big high 5, and a hug, and told him how happy I was for him.

      I had a special bib (blue, compared to everyone else's white), so people new I was a survivor, and I was able to share my story with some of the volunteers. Overall, under the rushed circumstances, this has to be one of the best race experiences ever! There will be other days for my own PR.


      Thanks for reading Smile



        Thanks for sharing your experience, Mitch. Sounds like a memorable day!

        Go as long as you can, and then take another step.

        Bad Ass

          Great job, Mitch.


          I ended up not racing the Coral Springs HM.  I am still sick.  I did 18 yesterday and regretting every mile.  This is weird.  I race a lot and I've DNS 2-3 races this year already.  Must find my mojo.



          "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

          It's always fucking hot in Miami!

            Great report Mitch!

            Sorry to hear you are under the weather Docket, get better soon.

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