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    So what do you all do the week or two (or month of two) after you finish your HM? My next goals are a ten-miler early Feb and another half in March. I want to keep my base, but I also need inspiration. And this week has been crazy, so I only got in one really, really short run. (2.5 miles slowly 2-days after the half.) I am thinking maybe an easy 5-6 tomorrow? And then????
      I dunno.. I found myself surfing the internet the afternoon after my HM, looking for another one to sign up for. I ended up with a 10K and a 14 mile trail race over the next two months. This might be a good time to reflect over your recent accomlishments and try to see where you would like your running to take you next year. Just a thought.

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        There really isn't anything around here until, I think, early Feb. I'm pretty much looking at about a race/month until my biggest goal yet--a 25k on Mother's Day weekend. I will be doing a 10k, 15k, and 10 miler before that. This Summer I will be doing another 15k and a 4 miler "Brat Trot" with my brother in WI (and Chris Dereuter from here, too, I think) I also am planning to do a 10 miler and 2 HMs in the Fall. My goal in the meantime is to try to maintain around 20-25 miles/week and some cross training...then gradually start increasing my mileage in preparation for spefic races and over the Summer--just as I did this past year. k

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          I did my Half in September and since then I have run a couple of 5k's, I'm doing a 10 miler tomorrow. I have a half planned in April. I'm trying to keep my milage above 20 miles a week and I'm also working on speed for the time being. I'd really like to get a PR in April when I run my next HM.

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            A 15K race next week and then a HM in january. Maybe one or two 10K races too, but that depends... There is no shortage of races here in winter but I will need to watch myself Sad bas

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              Hey all, Great advice and exciting plans abound! I think you misinterpretted my question, however, which was more aimed at the short-term recovery period (1-2 weeks out) than the long-term. I dont have anything coming up for a couple months, so I dont need to push now, but I do want to be back up to speed in the next few weeks or so. I went out today for about 6 miles - I did eventually loosen up after a few miles, but my legs were pretty tired and the last couple miles were pretty rough. Listening to my body, I knew I probably should have cut it short, but that would have meant walking a couple miles back home and it was pretty cold out! BTW - I just had my first 20+ week a couple weeks ago. I was really excited about it! I got pretty close before my first half (19 one week), but there was something about a 20+ week. So all you folks trying to maintain 20-25 mile weeks impress me!
                I went swimming and did other cross-training for a bit, and then tried to start running like I'd done before. Guess what? It hurt. Every run, something hurt. Then I cut the speed waaaaaay down for a long run. After that, everything was fine. Guess it just took some time for my body to recover. My mind was ready to go that same day, but I had to wait. Sad I'm all better now! Smile

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                  I tried running twice in the first ten days after my HM and both runs felt awful... it took two weeks for me to be able to have a pain-free run (and since I didn't have any races scheduled I was content to let my body heal). I had my first race since the HM this past weekend (six weeks after the HM) and had a 5mi. PR. I've got nothing bigger than a 10k scheduled for the next few months... I've got my eyes on two sprint triathlons in April and May and will work backwards from them to plan my winter schedule.

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