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Daily Runner - 12/26/12 (Happy Birthday, Just B.S.!) (Read 153 times)

Bad Ass

    I had to read "before sundown" three times before I remembered, doh!

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    Go figure

      4 TM miles done..may do it again if I don't go out later with a friend. Quality work is going to be tough for a while as we've now had 10 straight hours of snow!

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      Just Keep "Tri" ing

        Thanks everyone! Had a another great day with the immediate family!! I can't handle too many

        days with the entire family, love them but just too much noise and commotion!!


        Hubby and I got in 7.5 miles this morning. I was quite pleased with my time because despite the 3F

        weather, 4 layers of clothes and 450 foot of gain I ran it feeling easy 7.5 miles in 1:12!


        Hope you all had a great day on my Birthday!Big grin

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        Finally PRed!!!

          Docket: hope you had a nice 5.


          Scott: great you got new shoes for Christmas.


          marco: nice 5+. You're almost there with the mileage.


          B.S.: glad you had a great day!


          Hope everyone's having a great evening.  I'm kinda tired, will probably zonk out  early.

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