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Day 75 Sucked!!!! (Read 91 times)


    So I actually hit day 75 today and I was a little excited - not as excited as I think I will be when I hit day 100. Anyway, for a day that I thought was going to be great, my run just felt like crap. I have a half marathon on Sunday and I have been really pumped for it the last few days. I had a great speedwork session on Wednesday and took yesterday off (meaning I only ran a mile). But then this morning, nothing went right. I woke up late and had to rush out of the house. I slept horrible all last night so I wasnt rested at all. But I wanted to get a nice easy run in with my running club, so I dashed out the door (forgetting the pass-key to my office in the process) and drove to our meeting place in downtown Winchester, MA. I got there at 5:43 and nobody was there for our normal 5:45 meeting time, but usually someone shows up at the last minute so I waited. I really didnt want to run by myself today, but alas, nobody showed up at all. So I dug my ipod out of my gym bag and headed out for a 5 mile loop - needed to loosen up the legs after sleeping wrong last night. Immediately it felt bad. I wasnt going real fast but I was winded in the first few minutes. By mile one, both of my shins had tightened up and I could just feel that I was concentrating too hard on my running stride. I find that I run better if my mind is off my legs and I just let them do their thing. When I am alone, I tend to concentrate on where my feet are landing, how fast I am turning them over and a half dozen other things, which throws me off. My legs finally loosened up after about 3.5 miles when I hit a section that I could run on a dirt path. But by now I just wanted the run to be over. I finished the run and as I was getting my key out to start the car, I dropped it. Last week this wouldnt have been much of a problem, but with stupid daylight savings time it was still pitch black out and it took me 10 minutes to find my key (because all freaking car manufacturers make the keys with black plastic now - and that will just stand out in a dark street now wont it). got to the gym and stretched and showered and headed off to work, now realizing that I didnt have a pass key to get in the building. Sorry - just venting and hoping my legs are okay for the HM on Sunday.

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      Sounds like a tough day indeed. Daylight saving time has jacked up my sleep and I have had a few days better forgetten myself. A 1/2 Marathon PR will erase any "bad" you've had in the past 75 days. Good luck, (not that you need it with 75 straight days under your belt) just Don"t go out too fast! I'll look forward to you sharing your experience! Darrin

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        You were right. Had a great race today. I havent run a Half Marathon in about 5 years, but when I did it then I got about a 2:01. Today, I crushed that with a 1:39:25. It was a tough course with some big hills, but the worst part was the 3+ miles of strong headwind. For some reasons headwinds like that always make me lose my focus, but I was able to get it back when I passed that area and have a good last mile and a half to finish really strong.