A Mile A Day


when the streak isnt quite worth it (Read 63 times)

    I nearly ended my streak tonight. After a huge fight with my mom i was too mad to run. I wound up talking to my husband online (he is away) until long after dark. I decided to get my mile in by running a loop around my condos. While running I passed some guy in the dark and it looked like he was pouring gasoline all over someones car! I kept going and looked back to find that he was walking behind me. I tried to speed up and my dog decided to roll around on the ground. The guy kept walking towards me. Thankfully someone came out of their condo with a dog and the creepy dude walked away. I dont know if it was all my imagination or what but I guess Id rather break my streak then run at night again! The good part is today is 2 weeks!

    Oh Mighty Wing

      Congrat's Mrs. Hub on reaching 2-weeks. Creepy about your late night run whether it was in your head or not. Hopefully there won't be many of times when you have to do that. How does your Hubby feel about the running?
        THanks Smile He doesnt know about the streak yet! I think if/when I get to a month I will tell him. He is so used to me getting all excited about doing something and then not doing it. So this time I want to show him. Normally I run at least the mile early in the am but I have not been able to get my lazy butt out of bed. Generally he is very supportive of my running and helps keep me motivated. Today I feel like the late night scary guy was silly. He was definitely pouring something all over the car though. I said hi because he kept staring at me as I went by and he said nothing. Strange.

          Anything on the news about a car fire last night in your complex? Though I suppose if you didnt hear the fire engines then everything is probably okay.
            Yeah nothing in the news that would match it. There is a story about a stolen car that went up in flames yesterday nearby. But too early for what I saw. Tongue