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I impressed myself yesterday (Read 86 times)

    I impressed myself yesterday I was running along on my treadmill, watching the "Black Knight" Batman movie, when POW - the treadmill stopped! Just like that. I think the belt that turns the motor slipped off or broke. What impressed me was I did not hurtle off the treadmill and ram into anything. I stayed up right and gracefully got off it. The move I made when the treadmill stopped was not too graceful though. I am glad the weather is improving, and I hope to be able to run outside a lot over the next few months. I still hope I can fix the treadmill.

      See now, I think I woudl ahve just slammed right into the front of the machine there - nice move! In fact I have done that, but not because the belt stopped. I wasnt paying attention and veered to much to the side and stepped on the non-belt part of the treadmill. My stomach slammed into the front of the machine and I had to get off to catch my breath. Oh and FYI - assuming you are talkign about the new movie with Heath Ledger, it was the Dark Knight (Great movie!)

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        Heh. Good save! I like watching movies while running too. Big grin

        Roads were made for journeys...

          That has happened to me before and it sucks. Some of the treadmills at the gym will randomly just shut down. Not good times when you are in a running zone and listening to music.
            That is the movie. I don't do well with movie names, even ones I just saw. Going to watch Iron Man next!