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We're going streaking!!!! Bring your green hat. (Read 94 times)

    I just joined this group. Yesterday was day 100 on my running streak, and my goal is to at least a year. My start date was 1/5/08. All in all mostly good days over the streak. I actually learned about streak running from an article about Robert "Raven" Kraft on ESPN.com and thought "what the hell?". My initial goal is to get a year under my belt and see what happens from there.
      Congrats on reaching 100 days! I love streaking, it makes things easy for me. Removes the should I run today question from play and makes my life simpler Big grin It's like after work therapy to rid my mind of any stress that builds up over the course of the day.

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        Welcome "Jugdish" and congrats on the 100 day mark. I've never run better than since I've been "streaking" and I hope the same for you. Recently I learned that Jack Daniels, (The best coach in the country per Runner's Wolrd) was a streaker in his younger days with a record of over 7 years. This has given me some legitamacy as something other than a nut in my running group. If Jack Daniels thought it was a good idea, then it must have some merit! I already knew that. Another Running Legend, Dr. George Sheehan said it best. "Everyone is an experiment of one", and I hope this is the right combination for you. Streak on! D

        "If you always do, what you've always done; you'll always get what you've always got."


          Welcome to the group and congrats on hitting your 100th day! I will get you added to our list of streakers on the running days chart as soon as I can - probably today or tomorrow. Jeff