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Almost lost a leader today! (Read 85 times)

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    Hey guys, Young1 here after a long hiatus. I wanted everyone to know that we almost lost a streak leader today. MikeB called to tell me he was likely going to miss his run today. He woke today with intense heel pain of unkown origin. I gave him a pep talk and a lot of suggestions. He was able to make it 1.01 miles tonight with a lot of pain. No telling what tomorrow will bring, but encouragement, thoughts and prayers are always helpful/welcome. He doesn't know I'm posting this, but I'll send him a text when I'm done. I believe he is around 920 days. Also, he has a podiatrist appt on Wednesday.

    Streak on brother!

    "If you always do, what you've always done; you'll always get what you've always got."


      Wow, that sucks.  Mike, hang in there and just ermember all the other crap that you've run through in your 2.5 years of streaking and this too shall pass.  I hope it's not too serious.

      Darren, good to hear from you again - how is the running going?  Are you enjoying it again?