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Weekly Check-in 05/18/09 (Read 193 times)


    Last week went pretty well, though my legs were tired at the end of the week. I had done three hard workout on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday so it was kind of expected. I started stretching a little more last week and I think it is helping with my calf and ankle pain, so I hope to continue that into this week adn loosen everything up even more. I have decided on a goal for this year (better late than never I guess). I am going to shoot for a sub-19 in the 5K. This week I start an 8 week training program that I got from a run clinic I went to 3-4 years ago. The last time I followed this program I dropped a minute and a half off my 5K time in 10 weeks. I am hoping that this, plus all the base miles I have put in over the last year, will get me there. Unfortunately though (or maybe fortunately) it is a tough regimen but with a lot lower mileage than I usually do. It has me running four workouts a week, between which I will probably just do one milers, so my weekly mileage will probably drop down from the 35-45 that I am doing now, to 25-35 miles per week. Depending how tiring the weekly workouts are, I may try to put in a few more easy miles in between the workouts, but for at least the first few weeks I am planning on cutting back to the required mileage in the plan. MIlestones this week: mainrun - 400 days albertoknox - 3 months Ennay - 1 month teresadfp - double digits FrancesRe - double digits nice job everyone and Streak On!!! Jeff

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      I hit 90 days yesterday, and am staring down 100! Big grin This week I started trying to push the distance up to 1.55 miles per run again like I did before I transitioned (suddenly) to barefoot. Been having minor aches and pains, so I know I'm still pushing at my body's limits. *sigh* If only I were 14 again... (physically!!!) Guess I shouldn't try to push past this soon, even though I'm feeling typical runner's impatience... Roll eyes Gotta go looking for a pair of Vibram 5-fingers to celebrate day 100... Big grin

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        low mileage last week, but at least I ran. At least 4, probably 5 days last week (saturday to saturday) I would not have run at all while on vacation so the fact that so many of the days were the 1-2 mile variety is still something.

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          One more week until we go to Disney so one more week of high mileage before the lowest mileage week I've had all year (I'm hoping for 2 miles a day - Smile ) Last week I was able to get in my 50+ miles like I wanted, hopefully I'll be able to do it again!

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            I hit the 40 mile mark last week. Trying to cautiously extend that to 50 miles.

              Still trying to get my legs back after the marathon. Just got back from 14.5 and I must admit my legs were a bit tired (maybe because I ran too fast?). I am hoping to keep building back the miles so that it gets easier again. At least I haven't lost the desire to run every day. Hope everyone has a good week! Congrats to those with milestones.


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                I am happy that 400 is coming up, and plan to continue to run every day. Last week I ran 30 miles. Sunday I did four at marathon pace. Wednesday I did this workout: 3X1K~5K pace with three minute recoveries then 2X40 second striders. Saturday I raced a 5K and finished in 20:21. Good running all

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                  I'm still running also. This past weekend we took a group down to Corpus Christi Texas for the 34th annual Beach to Bay Relay marathon. Its a 6 person relay that we have been running for the last 5 years. Each person runs roughly 4.4 miles, and it is always a fun weekend. This week I'll hit a personal milestone. My longest streak to date is 135 days, and I'll match that on Wednesday and beat it on Thursday.

                    This week I'll hit a personal milestone. My longest streak to date is 135 days, and I'll match that on Wednesday and beat it on Thursday.
                    Very cool - sorry that I didnt see that when I posted teh milestones this morning - that is awesome!
                      Still running. I ran a disappointing 5 mile trail race this weekend. I had hoped to beat my time from last year, but was like a minute slower. Not sure why. I feel like I am in much better shape this year. Perhaps the course was a little longer last year? Smile I did run with a buddy for most of it and probably could have pushed the pace a little more. I'm annoyed but will get my revenge at the next one which is a 7 miler. I am feeling good but have noticed the bottom of my feet hurt a bit. Particularly the balls of my feet and worse on the left. This is something new to me. It's almost like they feel bruised. On a positive not I am now wear-testing for Brooks and got a new pair of shoes. It's kinda fun to share my opinion and this will help my own shoes last a little longer. Smile

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                        Looking back at the chart after reading jugdish was about tie (and beat) his longest streak ever, I just realized that on Thursday that will mean that everyone but Pammie (who has a ways to go due to an AWESOMELY LONG streak she had last year) will be running their longest streak ever. Nice job everyone. Jeff

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                          I'll need a re-set - but you may as well wait until I'm back in the country. I missed a day by 10 minutes due to time zone changes and jet lag! I'm trying to get out every morning now, but DH and I have both been sick, so I won't run if it is raining. Anyway, I'll check back in when I get home and we can determine what my new start date is. Only did a short run this morning and my pace was terrible - I stopped to take too many pictures along the canal. Big grin

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                            Today I had an awesome 8.3-mile run. That makes 8 days in a row, which I've never done in my life. I think my short run yesterday really helped me do better today. The boot camp I started isn't hurting, either! 2009 has gotten off to a slow start, but it's picking up for me now. It's inspiring to read about all of your streaks!

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                              11 days in a row, whoo hoo! And this morning's (short) run was after having stayed up until 4 am, working on a project. I can see where this gets addictive.