A Mile A Day


Legs are finally back to normal (I think) (Read 121 times)


    So it took about a week after the marathon, but I think my legs are feeling normal again.  I was able to push out 6.5 miles on Sunday, and while work is prohibiting me from running much this week, I do plan to crank it back up again next week and get myself back up into the 30-40 miles range.


    No set goals right now except that along with running I think I would like to get fitter overall - more upper-body and core work.  I know my legs are in pretty good shape, now I just want the rest of me to match.


    1,031 days and counting.


    Also - bummed I couldnt get out for a run today because it was just freaking beautiful out there (temperature wise at least)


      Glad to hear your legs are getting back to normal!  Smile


      I am doing good -- coming up on 2 years in less that 19 days!  I can't believe that much time has passed since I began this adventure.  Also hoping to cross the 2000 mile mark by next week. 


      Hope everyone else is doing well!


      And Jeff -- I hope all went well with your Mom's funeral.  Again, I am so sorry for your loss!


      MM #2929