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No Running This Week (Read 101 times)

Roses Revenge

    I've known that I would be unlikely to be able to continue the streak over the winter, because of what else goes on, but have now marked myself as retired.  I will run as time is available from now until mid-April and then plan to start again.


    So this week, I'm spending mornings at the tax office.  Not the one I normally work in, but another one that's a lot farther away.  Afternoons are in the insurance office where I normally work in the morning.  Instead of a half hour round trip commute, I now have about a two hour round trip commute.  An hour to go to work in the morning, 45 minutes to get from one job site to the next, and 15 minutes to get home from the second job.


    Add dark and raining to that, and there's no time to run.  I miss it!

    Marathon Maniac #991 Half Fanatic #58 Double Agent #22  It's a perfect day and I feel great!