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    I need some input from anyone here. I started streaking at the first of this year; things have been going pretty well; actually I am surprised at the way things have went. I am not has beat down as I figured I would be. But, the last week I have really been having some soreness in my right heel. Seems like anytime I get an injury it is always something on my right side. This pain in my heel is one of those things that actually feels a little better after you get in 2 miles, and then does not feel to bad the rest of the run. Afterwards is when it gets pretty sore. I have also had this pain in the ball of the same foot for over 6 months now. It isn't anything that would prevent me from running, but I am worried that it may turn in to something worse.


    Has anyone had anything like this and can comment I would appreciate it. I don't want to end my streak; but I also don't want to jepordize running has a whole either.


      Can't add much but I also get a pain from time to time in my right heel.  Same thing as you -- goes away after a few miles but sometimes it hurts during the day as well.  It comes and goes and has not stopped me.  If you are concerned, I would go see a doctor or perhaps take a break.  I guess it really depends on how much it hurts.  For me, it is just one thing on the rotating list of aches and pains.  Good luck! 


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        Can only suggest what I do with most injuries -


        ICE a couple times a day

        ibuprofen to release swelling a bit

        REST - meaning if it is really bad, I take 3-4 days (have taken up to a week and a half) of one mile days


        Best of luck



          Thanks for the input; looks like I should be able to 'milk' this through. I am running on the treadmill for a week or two, that is much easier on my foot.
            If it makes you feel any better I am trying to work through a sprained toe right now.  I did 4-5 one mile days last week and then tried 5 yesterday.  It felt okay running, a little stiff.   But then after that, sitting at my desk at work I started to feel teh pain again.  Guess it's not completely healed, which kind of sucks because I really wanted to start ramping up my miles to start training for my Fall marathon.