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200 Days!!! (Read 121 times)


    Big grin Just reached the 200 day mark and starting to realize the increase in my fitness level (I think). I did a hill workout this morning with my running club in Winchester, MA and some of the guys that used to smoke me up the hills I was keeping up with and out-kicking at the end. One of the guys even made a comment that he thinks that I am probably faster than I think I am. I had done a speed session of 5x1 mile repeats with him (at about a 6:45 pace), and it made me wonder whether I am faster than I think and maybe it is just that mentally I dont see myself as that fast and that holds me back. I wonder how to get past that because I would love to break 20 minutes in a 5K this year.. anyway, just celebrating my 200th day - keep on Streaking. Jeff

    Oh Mighty Wing

        Nice streak Jeff. Was the 5 X 1 mile @ 6:45 the one you mentioned in another post that had the 1 minute recoveries? You are able to do tough workouts - wow. I am looking forward to hearing/reading about the PR's you are going to be getting over the next few months!

        q day

          First, CONGRATULATIONS! Celebrate it! 200 is a lot of days and sacrifice! Second, your ability sneaking up and surprising you, isn't uncommon. What I suggest is that you prove to yourself, that you are able to break 20:00 for 5K. Go to a track and run a 6:25 mile. That shouldn't be hard since you just did 5 X 1 @ 6:45. Then, in a week or two (or now if you fell ready), run a 12:50 2mile. Then a couple of weeks after that, run a 19:15 3mile. Once you've proved to yourself that you have the ability/speed/endurance on the track, the adrenaline on a race day will get you through a gentlly rolling 5k course. Another measure of the ability to break 20 minutes for 5K is the ability to break 5:50 for a mile. Remember that a track is 400 meters, so for each accurate mile you'll need to run 4 laps + 10 yards. I did this myself, and just last weekend, hit my 5K goal for July. Now it's 12 weeks of speedwork to shave off another 53 seconds to hit my 2nd (of two) major goals for 2008! Stay healthy, keep reaping the benefits of this "philosophy", and streak on! D

          "If you always do, what you've always done; you'll always get what you've always got."

            Nice achievement!! Keep goin!

            Jiggle, jiggle, jiggle.

              Congrats! That is awesome! I am starting over again today. You are very inspiring. Jilly
              "The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step."

              Running around the ship

                Great job Jeff!!! Only 165 days left for your 1st year! That's a cake walk for streaker! haha (I think I just cleared 165 Big grin ) Good luck with your 5k work. You most probably are alot faster than you think! Mike

                  Jeff well done brilliant achievement and am certain you'll get that sub 20.
                    thats incredible! I cant imagine making it that far.. yet
                      That's awesome Jeff...an inspiration to the rest of us for sure.
                        A little late... Congratulations, Jeff!!!! You're an inspiration! Keep going, man!