A Mile A Day


A new streak (Read 155 times)

    Today marks day ONE.


    My second longest streak of 454 days ended yesterday. After my race on Sunday, I started getting extreme chills and by late afternoon I was in bed shivering and later vomiting. Monday, I remained in bed all day being lightheaded and drained of all energy. I had hoped at some point I would have enough energy to venture outside to continue the streak but it was not to be. (For me, my rules on the streak is to do 6+mile run on non-race days to extend the streak.)


    Just a reminder, how much in awe I am with all you long streakers out there.


      Wow, tough one to give up I bet. 


      But also...WOW - 6 miles a day?  I couldnt do that, I need my rest days every once in a while.


      Nice job!!


        Sorry your streak had to end but glad to hear you are feeling better and ready to start again!  We are just a little addicted aren't we?  Wink


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          Wow 6 miles per day! That's an impressive streak. I would never manage to have a streak happening if those were my rules. Congratulations. I hope you are feeling better today.

          One day I decided I wanted to become a runner, so I did.