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A coincidence and a lesson learned twice. (Read 61 times)

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    As I ran yesterday in a heat index of 110, I closely monitored myself to ensure I didn't "over do it". I think that on the hotest of days most runners respect the heat and adjust accordingly. On two occassions I have got into trouble and almost went down due to the heat. Neither were on days like yesterday, and the coincidence was creepy. First a little history. I purchased my first running log in December of 1982, when I was 16. On January 1st of 83', I started recording my runs, graphing my weeks and setting goals. Not much has changed over the years except now I find myself putting everything online. I was devastated when Coolrunning sold out to Active.com, and I thought for a period of time that all my info, for over a year, had been lost. I almost went back to pen and paper, but my running group loves to check each others logs (I'm probably one of the biggest voyeurs), so I stick with it here on RA. So now back to the story. I went for a run in 1994 and almost passed out from the heat. This wasn't the first time, so once I made it home, I posted it in my log, then went digging through my old logs to find the first/last time it happened. Here is the entry from 1994: Sunday, June 12, 1994: "Ran at noon (alone). 85 degrees. Wanted 10, but from 8 to 9 I felt like shit (almost passed out), so I had enough sense to walk after 9. Pace - 7:30. Course:..." and here is the entry I found for the first time it happened. Sunday, June 12th, 1983 ""Ran alone at noon. Felt terrible! 85 degrees and I was about to pass out. Walked once, 7 miles at 7:15 to 7:30 pace. Course-..." I had written in the margin at the end of the week. "Experience on the 12th; Don't run at noon. Stupid!" I went back to my 94' log and wrote in the margin at the end of the week. "Experience (again) don't run at noon, (still stupid) esp. when it's hot. Every June 12th, from then on, I have always remembered this crazy coincidence and when it falls on a Sunday, I am especially careful. The lesson that I have learned is that runners are probably most at risk on the days when you don't realize how hot it is (unlike yesterday and today). The heat sneaks up on you in late May, early June as it did on me those two days. Be carefull out there! D

    "If you always do, what you've always done; you'll always get what you've always got."

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      I think June 12th is a great day to stay indoors!

      Oh Mighty Wing

        wow that is a good day for a 1 miler I think... you re right about the heat it really can sneak up on you if you aren't careful!
          I feel your pain with the heat and the humidity. I have never maintained a consistent running schedule through the summer until I started streaking. In Houston, the summer seems to last 9 months...Smile I mix in treadmill runs during the week wne I just don't feel like dealing with the humidity. I've also been doing some of my long runs on the treadmill until it starts to cool off some. I also do most of my runs at night.