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Do you double? (Read 108 times)

    Saw some discussion on the forums about this and was just wondering, since we know we are all running every day, if anyone is getting in more than 7 runs a week. Personally, I am working on building up to a 100 mile week and should hit just over 50 miles this week. As far as doubling goes, lately I have had 1-2 days a week where I will throw in another run at lunch to help me get up to the mileage I want. I know that everyone says you get more benefit out of doing the one longer run, but to be honest, sometimes I just dont feel like running 7-8 miles in the morning. I just want to run 4.5 with my running club and then hit the showers. So instead, when lunch time rolls around, I hit the gym and jump on the treadmill for a half hour. I would never do this for a long run, but mid-week I dont think its going to make that much of an impact on my training to break up a few days. Also, lately I have been testing out some barefoot running on the treadmill - just a mile or so at night, which could be called a double I guess (or a triple if I already dobuled that day).
      Not really. On race days, as a warm up, I run 20 to 30 minutes before the actual race. If it is a 5K sometimes I will also do a few extra miles later on. Other than that I only run once a day.
        I haven't done it either, although if you're shooting for a 100 mile week I could see where you would have to. A 100 mile week will be freaking impressive! I have a 2 mile course mapped out in my nieghborhood and I've thought about running that at night every now and then in addition to my daily run. I'm sure I'll work it in eventuallty.
          I started incorporating some doubles in my training about 3 weeks ago. I found it easier mentally to break out what would have been a 10 mile run into a couple of 5 milers. I am starting these slowly; currently only one per week. I am thinking about doing 2 doubles per week (or 10 runs per week) to reach my base mileage goal of 60 MPW. I was doing some researching for doubles and found a good article. He gives a breakdown based on your goal race distance for when you should start incorporating doubles based on your weekly mileage. Makes sense to me. Doubles